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  1. Description: Ability to automatically rerun failed tasks Detail: As far as I know, it's not possible to automatically rerun failed tasks (for example, a software deployment). It would be nice, if I you could set at the task to try to rerun it x times a day if it fails, and stop after y days for example if it still fails. We would use this to try to rerun failed installation tasks.
  2. Description: Color code failing tasks Detail: The server used to color code the tasks that are failing. I'm running the latest ESMC, and now, that doesn't happen, and I have a hard time figuring out which tasks are failing. Is there a way to color code it again, or where can I see it? All I get is a generic email saying: "At least one client task has invalid configuration and therefore will fail."
  3. I'm not sure if the validation is necessary, but otherwise, your hunch is right.
  4. A really small thing, but a rather annoying one: Description: Take focus of the 2FA fieldDetail: When two factor is enabled and you try to log in, you are prompted for the code. The field is highlighted in red, but the focus is not there - you have to first click it, then you can enter the code. It would be nice if we could just start typing the 2FA code in. Also, the highlight kinda suggests that the focus is there - but it's not, when you click it, it becomes a blue highlight.
  5. @MichalJ Thank you! I really hope it gets changed in the right direction, and those features start working again Also, it might be more of a bug report, but: Description: Windows live installer can't be extracted by double click on macOS Detail: When you generate a live installer in ESMC, and you download it, all of the installers are in a compressed format. The windows installer is a .zip file, but it is zipped in a way where if you double click it, macOS (tried it on High Sierra and Mojave) just gives an error: "Operation not permitted". You can unpack it with terminal or with different softwares, but the default double click that otherwise works with other zip files just gives an error. There might be some weirdness going on around the zipping, that results in this behavior. If you could make it more compatible, I would really appreciate it
  6. But that means its part of it if it's part of the one above, but how do you achieve a NOT scenario?
  7. Description: Dynamic groups building on other dynamic groups Detail: We would like to create dynamic groups where they can't be part of that group until they are part of another group. Let's say they have an outdated agent, and until that is not resolved (a.k.a they are part of that dynamic group), they can't be part of a different dynamic group that says that they have to be not part of that other one.
  8. Description: Run task with limited permission set Detail: Our admins have limited permission sets on ESMC, meaning they don't have "write" access for the "Software install" and "Run command" client tasks, only read and use. We have software installation tasks pre created, that install the ESET Endpoint security. If they select clients, they can run these tasks on these clients (via the "Run task..." command), but when they try to use it from the "Last used tasks" context menu, it's grayed out, or when they try to rerun a task also from the context menu on the device details page under task executions, they get a "Failed to run task: no access" message. It doesn't make sense, because they can just select "Run task...", and run it that way on the clients, and it runs perfectly, however, it's way more steps that could be jut one click. The same permission set on ERA used to give the same error message on the device details page, but it used to work perfectly from the context menu under the last used tasks, which made sense, and was less annoying. On ESMC I think the expected way it should work is that both should work (they should be able to create triggers, since that's what those features do), they just shouldn't be able to create an actual new task "Software install" task.
  9. Description: Create dynamic groups for the following problem: "macOS is preventing ESET Security Product from accessing some folders." Detail: I would like to create a dynamic group for computers with the following problem, but I can't select this problem at the new template creation, even though it's a reported problem, it's not in the list: "macOS is preventing ESET Security Product from accessing some folders."
  10. I'm having the same issue. @TomasP is it possible to send me the beta build as well?
  11. Thank you very much for the fast response!
  12. Hi, we want to install the new ESMC 7 on Linux in Amazon (AWS) EC2. Does the database have to be on the same server, or can we use "Amazon RDS for SQL Server" or "Amazon RDS for MySQL" for the database? The DB would be in the same region. If so, which one would you recommend? MSSQL or MySQL? Thanks!
  13. Description: ESET Secure Authentication should support fingerprint and push notifications Detail: I think there should be alternative 2FA options available, but if it's not an option, the ESET Secure Authentication app should support push notifications (something like Steam does), and fingerprint authentication as well to the PIN. It would be also nice if you could approve it with one touch instead of typing a code in, something what Authy or OneLogin does with their native solution.
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