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error while installing File Security on Windows Server 2003

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I need to install ESET File Security on a Windows Server 2003 Service Pack 2. I use the current version 6.5.12017.0 It is a fresh install, and I rebooted the server already.

And I get the following error. Is the Windows version not supported andymore?

Windows Version:





error when installing ESET File Security 6.5.12017.0 on Windows Server 2003



Thanks for your help.

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We've never run into a case with such error. Please contact customer care for further assistance. ELC logs as well as a Procmon log from an installation attempt should suffice to start off.

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Previously there was Trend Micro Server Protect installed. But I did a clean uninstall and a reboot before installing ESET.

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It did work in the end. :)

I first tried it with the AIO installer, which didnt run.

Then I used the .msi installer of the Agent and the File Security and installed them separately. This worked perfectly on the Server.


Thanks again.

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