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Call Of Duty Ghosts

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I have installed Call Of Duty Ghosts about 6 weeks ago. I have created exceptions in the firewall for steam and the single and multiplayer exe's. All ran smoothly until about 2 weeks ago after a game patch.


If the Eset firewall is running then Ghosts would crash\freeze so badly I would be forced to reboot my machine. The only way to run the game was to do so with the firewall disabled.


I would like to run the game with the firewall enabled. I have tried disabling Hips etc.


Can you please suggest a solution to my problem.






Windows 8.1 (fully patched)

Eset Smart Security 7.0.302.26

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To answer what was asked in the other thread...


- empty the firewall log *** How will this help?

- enable logging of blocked communications in the IDS setup -> Troubleshooting  *** I tried this and there is nothing I could find that is related

- reproduce the issue  *** Very easy. FW enabled run either SP or MP... Bam crash!

- post the firewall log records here **** See above...

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