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Question to usercount Sharepoint ESET

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Hi we actualy use: ESET Security 6.5.15015.1 (before ESET Security 4.5.15022.0)

After some time the ESET Server count the number of persons wrong (more than exist)

-> Server is "Microsoft SharePoint Foundation 2013" on a Server 2012 R2 (Domain Login deactivate on the SharePoint pages)

How count ESET the users, and how long it counts the users, exist there a cache or a timebase lock like MS do?

I use a PowerShell script to read out all the users and there where some deactivate accounts, could this be a problem? We delete them now but ESET still counts more users than exist.

Can i do something to "reset" the users and count new?


thx for help

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  • ESET Staff


try running this command to see which user accounts were counted:

shpio13 usercount /print /withnames /diag

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Thx for the command, there are many deleted users, could it be that eset use some LOGs from sharepoint or have some lock times like MS for RDP for example?

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  • ESET Staff

Users are read from Sharepoint and checked against AD (once every 24 hours), deleted ones should be ignored

Please PM me:
1. the output of usercount command
2. some user names that are deleted/disabled and are counted
3. number of active users you have
4. how you deactivate users

we will check it


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