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Installed ESET Smart Security 7 & now unable to access Paypal Website

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Yesterday I renewed my ESET license & updated to version 7.0.302.26.  I now can no longer access the Paypal website, whether I use Chrome, IE, or Firefox.  Chrome gives me the following error message:



And Internet Explorer says this page cannot be displayed, and then leads to a diagnostics box which eventually says "security or firewall settings might be blocking the connection."


I don't know where to look or what to do to safely fix this issue, help please!  I use Paypal multiple times a day with online business/shipping/etc. . . 

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This should be fixed in Internet protection module 1097 which should be available on pre-release update servers some time soon. If you want to receive the module among the first, enable pre-release updates in the advanced setup.

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Hey Beachgirl as Marcos stated, there is going to be an update soon to fix and repair the issue.

Pre-release can be accessed this way :

Open Main ESET screen, and press your F5 key.

Find the update section from the items on the left and click the plus sign +

Click settings and choose pre-release update.

Keep in mind ESET will re-download your updates and modules.



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Thank you both for your quick responses.  I went ahead &  clicked on the "pre-release update" as stated above, restarted my pc, still can't access Paypal - but am I understanding you correctly, even after making this setting change, I still have to wait for an update, is there anything else I need to do, or just wait it out?  Thank you again.

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It may take a few hours for it to be pushed out.


Until then you can temporarily disable firewall protection and probably get to the website in question.

Paypal is not going to have malware on their site or ESET would already know and have it blocked in the http and web protection modules. ( I would not be able to get there).


Thanks again !

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I look forward to the Internet protection module update to 1097. I have had to add several sites to the list of excluded addresses from protocol filtering. I am using pre-release updates.


Perhaps I am over cautious but I don't quite understand the point of excluding sites. As they are HTTPS sites it seems that it is asking for trouble to exclude them. I tried to do a few things by adding certificates and had partial success but found myself way above my knowledge quickly.


I brought the question up here: https://forum.eset.com/topic/1313-error-loading-specific-web-sites/ but it did not go any further. Hopefully the update will correct the issue.

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