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Cert error

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I am trying to set up a proxy server using a virtual machine on hyper v.

Im getting a certification error.

I was told that the certificate for the proxy has to be signed by the ca that was used to sign the server cert.

I did not set up the server and dont know which ca was used.

Is there any way to check which ca was used. I have looked but cant find anything.


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  • Administrators

After installing ERA Server, you can find the CA under Admin -> Certificates from where you can export the public key:


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Thanks marcos.

The problem is there are a couple of ca s there and i keep getting an error no matter which one i use.

I have had eset support look at it, and they told me the issue is that the cert for the agent needs to be signed by the same ca as the server cert.

I think this ca has been deleted.

But when using the agent cert to connect a pc (not a proxy like we are having the issue with) it works no problem.




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  • ESET Staff

Could you please specify what kind of certificate error you are getting? There is no need to sign PROXY certificate with the same CA certificate, but there are some limitations - and it depends how it is going to be implemented in environment.

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