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ESET Online scanner question


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I currently have BitDefender as my main AV, and I use MalwareBytes for on-demand scanning. I like to do full system scans with each of these fairly often. (Probably once a day.)


I also like to use ESET Online Scanner, once a week or so.


So far, I haven't found anything, but something strange happened, when I tried to start up ESET, I got an "Unexpected Error 101" when downloading the definitions. Then I tried again, and I got a different error immediately (the beginning where you select the check boxes), I forget exactly but I think it mentioned something about "Unsupported Operation" then opened the online scanner program window and it was blank.


I rebooted my PC, and it ran fine. But I'm just wondering if anyone knows, what could have caused it?

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scottyp, just curious, were you in safe mode?

Nope, I was not.

Probably just browser issue in the background. Related to cache me thinks.

I have had it happen to me before. :)

I do use FireFox, so I had to download the .exe utility.

So you've had similar issues before? I didn't think it was caused by any sort of Virus/Malware/Etc. due to me checking with BitDefender and MalwareBytes. I also checked with F-Secure Online Scanner after running into the issue with ESET. None of them turned up anything.

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If you have Bitdefender and Mbam, as well as scanning often with ESET Online scanner....

There is not much that can touch or infect your computer and NOT be caught. :)


I would come back here if you see it again and we can collect some logs and screen shots.

However avoiding browser issues is not likely, they're just to common.

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