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Installing Latest ESET 6.6.2072.4


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The "Task Category" field only narrows down the list of available tasks that appear in the "Task" combo box.


e.g., Choosing "All Tasks" populated the "Task" combo box with every available task you can execute.  Choosing "ESET Security Product" narrows this combo box down to only the tasks related to that selection (but still appear when choosing "All Tasks").

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If you have any version 6.6.2072.X installed and is updated, there's no reason to install 6.6.2072.4 which is in fact 6.6.2072.0 with the latest modules included.

It's important to use 6.6.2072.4 for new install tasks to prevent BSOD due to an issue caused by an older AntiStealth module and Microsoft's Meltdown/Spectre patches.


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