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ESET and Thunderbird


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All started with Windows  getting updated with the Fall Creators update.
From that point, Thunderbird stopped connecting to email servers and i could not receive any email.

I uninstall Thunderbird, reinstall it and I now can't even add any account. It's try to connect but always fail.
On the Thunderbird forum they said to try to disable the anti-virus to see if this way I could connect.
I disabled ESET and Thunderbird connected immediately.

So my question is what happened here, why is ESET apparently blocking Thunderbird when prior to Win? update all was running fine.
I cannot created a rule for Thunderbird not being scanned by ESET because that would kill the reason we need an anti-virus, to block any infected emails.

On my laptop I have ESET and Thunderbird is running fine.
I'm lost here. Why on my laptop all is fine and my desktop all indicates ESET is blocking Thunderbird?


Thank you

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Never heard of an issue when Thunderbird was blocked after installing ESET. I, too, use TB on a VM and never run into an issue. If you are able to reproduce it, we will help you with troubleshooting it. I'd start off by uninstalling ESET and installing the latest v11 from scratch to rule out issues caused by possible misconfiguration or custom rules that might block certain operations or communication.

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I actually had a very similar issue with Outlook 2016 on Windows 10 a few months back. I could not download any IMAP email or create new email accounts (Outlook would freeze when trying to create a new email account, and would seem to be syncing with the IMAP server, but then nothing would pull down). Also, using Trillian ... no email notifications would pop up.

When ESET was updated from v10 to v11, the problem mysteriously went away - which means there may have been some module update to ESET v10 at some point that (at least) IMAP clients did not like (no other web connected software was impacted). After v11 was installed, Outlook regained full functionality, and Trillian was suddenly showing email notifications once again.

So, to echo Marcus ... first step is probably to completely uninstall ESET, and reinstall fresh with the latest version to see if that resolves the issue.

Marcus ... there are actually reports of Outlook 2016 having issues with email back in the summer and fall. Most of those reports neglected to mention the AV being used, but I suspect some combination of ESET v10 (perhaps other versions) and a windows patch/update caused the issue. As the computer in question is not the main system I check email from (that system also runs ESET, but it's running Win7 with Office 2013), I cannot remember the exact start date of the issue manifesting, but it could have been around the time of the Fall Creators Update.

Since I am now using v11 and not experiencing issues, I cannot replicate and send you logs.

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Only issue I have had recently in regards to T-Bird and Eset is it is not removing its prior Windows root CA store certificate:


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