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  1. All started with Windows getting updated with the Fall Creators update. From that point, Thunderbird stopped connecting to email servers and i could not receive any email. I uninstall Thunderbird, reinstall it and I now can't even add any account. It's try to connect but always fail. On the Thunderbird forum they said to try to disable the anti-virus to see if this way I could connect. I disabled ESET and Thunderbird connected immediately. So my question is what happened here, why is ESET apparently blocking Thunderbird when prior to Win? update all was running fine. I canno
  2. Today my ESET NOD32 got updated to the latest version From that point on Mozilla Thunderbird cannot connect to my email accounts, getting always a time out message. When I pause ESET protection Thunderbird automatically is able to connect to all my email accounts. Why is the new ESET version blocking Thunderbird?
  3. Thank you for your reply. When you say "is an unwanted program", are you reffering to the KingSoft.D file which seems to be the file that is generating all the issues? Regards
  4. Turning off PUP detection doesn't sound a safe thing to do. A friend of mine has an antivirus from another company and he had not any problem while installing WPS Offic on his computer. On one hand this might be a warning sign because the antivirus he's using might not be all that good in detecting possible threats but on the other hand ESET might be too cautions and warning about files that are harmless. Instead of switching off detection modes from ESET, I rather ESET could check this behavior with WPS Office. Regards
  5. Hi. Here is a video during WPS Office 2016 installation where there's a potentially unwanted application (KingSoft.D) warning. I cleaned it several times during installation. When I opened each WPS application a URL addess is contantly blocked. If on the other hand I do not clean the KingSoft.D file during the installation, everytime I open of of WPS application I get multiple pop up windows referring to the potentially unwanted application. I contacted WPS support which they replied saying that this should be fixed by ESET since ESET is the only antivirus that
  6. My english sometimes fails me but it seems the highlighted text is not correct. If we select a browser to be excluded isn't that a bad thing since the data we received through it is not being filtered? So a browser should never be selected, correct? This can be found here: hxxp://kb.eset.com/esetkb/index?page=content&id=SOLN2132 Thanks
  7. I disabled ESET using the option shown on the attached image below Naturally you guys can't test every software under the sun so it's normal that you've never heard about it. If I'm not mistaken I use ESET since version 5 and till now I never had a single problem between ESET and Multicharts. I chose ESET because it was the only security package I tested that did not mess Multicharts connection and like I already said, very light on system resources. Since version 7 came out, it has been an adventure. There are days where all goes well and other which I'm forced to disable ESET
  8. I've been a client of yours for for years now, never had a antivirus/firewall package so light weight on my system but the latest version is starting to make me rethink my opinion of it. It seems that every new database update I get a connection problem. For my work I use a program called Multicharts which receives realtime data from stock exchanges. Since yesterday only half the data can be loaded, the other half just hangs there, waiting for connect. When I disable ESET, Multicharts works fine, all data is loaded without a single problem I created rules for every process that t
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