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Spectre/Meltdown Eset Version 5.0.2126

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Apologise if this has been answered. We currently run about 100 users on version 5 of Eset. My manager has asked if this will be OK with the new windows update

(which has been known to cause problems). I can see that we are running module 1533.3.





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The AV & AS scanner module 1533.3 added the necessary registry key as required by Microsoft to enable January Windows updates regardless of the version of Endpoint or other ESET security product that users have installed.

I would strongly recommend considering upgrade to the latest version 6.6 which provides better protection and has many issues present in Endpoint v5 fixed. By the way, v5.0.2126 is really old and the latest version of Endpoint v5 was 5.0.2271.0.

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Thanks' Marcos, yes I agree, there are a few things we are slowly getting too and this is one of them (updating to latest version).

I can see that it has created the registry entry so can now push out the update.



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