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URL address management is blocking windows update on Windows 10

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Hi everyone,

My client ask me to create a new rule for user's web access; he need to block all web sites but some web sites need to be excluded from that rule. I made this with this eset's KB: hxxp://help.eset.com/ees/6.6/es-CL/idh_config_epfw_scan_http_address_list.htm (short history i put the * in the "list of blocked addresses" to block all web sites. Everything was fine until we saw that this rule blocks updates from windows update and incoming mails on microsoft office outlook.

How i can fix this?.


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1, Always put "*" before the address if it doesn't start with "http(s)://".

2, Check the list of filtered website for those that were accessed during a Windows update and were blocked. You can then add them to the list of allowed addresses.

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