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Good afternoon everybody,

For confidentiallity and security reason, some clients ask me important information about Livegrid functionnality.

1- Where are stored the files sent for analisys? Is it dependent about  the country the product is installed? Are they kept after analisys or permanently deleted?

2- How are they transferred on the net? Encrypted, clear, etc...

3- Is there any study which shows the relevant efficiency of using such solutions instead of not using it


Thanks for your quick support.



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1, Files are stored on ESET's servers located in the US and Europe. We do not delete files permanently; it would make no sense to delete malicious or clean application (e.g. PE) files after some time. Note that documents are excluded from submission by default to prevent confidential data from being sent. Clean files are also stored on clean sets to prevent false positives.

2, The communication with LiveGrid servers is encrypted.

3, LiveGrid consists of 2 parts: 1, LiveGrid reputation system which sends hashes of files to LiveGrid servers and receives information about them (crucial), 2, LiveGrid feedback system which sends suspicious files (mainly PE files, documents are excluded by default) to LiveGrid servers and are subsequently subjected to automatic sandboxing and behavioral analysis which results in creation of automated signatures. These are subsequently distributed to users with LiveGrid reputation system enabled.

Using LiveGrid repution system shortens the reaction time to new threats from hours to a few minutes.

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In addition to my colleague's excellent reply, please see the following:

For the latter, specifically the sections on ESET's Cloud Malware Protection System and Reputation & Cache.


Aryeh Goretsky


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