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Inernet explorer 11

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Hey Again :-))


I am using iE 11 , and personally I think that it is a secure browser. But be aware that not all websites are compatible with ie 11 yet. An example is this site. You can use the browser fine on this site, but if you what to copy and paste a link, then it is not possible  using ie 11. ( at the moment I am using Waterfox 64 bit browser on this site) But have fate my dear friend, Eset is aware of it. See this link . forum issues with IE 11 on Windows 8.1


Regards Janus



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Microsoft’s audio format is supported by all major browsers… except Internet Explorer

Way to go Microsoft, you have done something crazy once again.

For those that are confused, the above image shows which browsers the <audio> HTMLmarkup tag works on and what audio formats they work with. Internet Explorer support MP3… but not WAV and OGG. WAV is the audio format created by Microsoft in conjunction with IBM.


Microsoft Internet Explorer zero-day vulnerability hit with diskless watering hole attack
"The attackers loaded the payload used in this attack directly into memory without first writing to disk





I not update to IE 11 on windows 7 for now I stay with IE10 you be better off with Firefox or Chrome be save


I use Palemoon it good to see Waterfox 24.0 is now up to date may give it a try on windows 7 (64-bit)

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