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I use at&t/Yahoo for my e-mail and I do believe it is not compatible (per KB Solution ID: SOLN2138) with ESET Windows products.

I do not wish to (at this time) change my base e-mail set up/addresses. Is there another way to "feed" my Yahoo e-mail in to another e-mail client that is compatible with ESET SS7 without jumping through too many hoops? I am not really having an issue, but was just thinking about it.

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What email client are you using?

What are your concerns with Microsoft Outlook?

Outlook concerns, none really-I'm just a dinosaur. Yahoo (via at&t) webmail I believe.

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Hey Tom, Sorry it took so long to get back to you.

I hope this quick guide is what you were looking for.

Keep in mind Outlook is bundled with Office which is not free by any means.

As an alternative you could use Thunderbird, and if that is your route to take, i wouldn't mind helping with that as well.

However, i prefer Outlook for my mail. Technet offers a 60day trial on Office Pro which i think is plenty of time to try out Outlook with emails to see how you like it.


You can start by navigating to this link : hxxp://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/evalcenter/jj192782.aspx

1. Download and install

2. After completed installation, please open Control Panel and submit a query for Windows Updates, using the receive updates "For Windows and other products from Microsoft Update".

Office will have a few security patches.

3. After updates are complete, revisit Control Panel, and select the option for Mail(32-bit). It will ask you to create a Profile for your account, give it a personalized name and continue.

4. On the Mail Setup dialogue box, click the first option "E-mail Accounts..."

5. On the E-mail tab (first tab), click "New..." at the top under the tab. This will start the wizard for creating or adding an E-mail account.

6. Make sure E-mail Account is the radio button selected, and click Next at the bottom.

7. This next page shows the Auto Account Setup page, where Outlook may or may not be able to configure your email account.

                  You can see if you are lucky by entering all the information requested and clicking Next at the bottom.

8. If it does not auto-configure, click the "Manual setup or additional server types" radio button, and then select Next.

9. If you are using at&t/yahoo email, you should select the option "POP or IMAP", however there are different types of Mail service that can be used.

10. After selecting POP or IMAP, and clicking next at the bottom, you should see the "Enter mail server settings for your account" Fill in all this information.

                  For at&t/yahoo, i have the following links to assist with this information:


AT&T hxxp://www.att.com/esupport/article.jsp?sid=KB401570&cv=801#fbid=rP0k6LYfeF6

          Date-2009 : hxxp://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20080128060333AAWKJLr

Yahoo hxxp://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20080128060333AAWKJLr


Microsoft Support: hxxp://support.microsoft.com/kb/2758902

This site has a few listings for manual setup as well.


Landing on the correct Email server settings can sometimes be a tribulation, however i do know that you can call at&t/yahoo directly and they will even assist in your email settings.


After all the correct info is entered and after looking in "More Settings " to make sure your security information is filled out, you can select the button "Test Account settings..." To see if Outlook will send and receive your mails correctly.


After its all done, you should be able to Open Outlook and have your mail start to propagate down to your local Outlook Program.


Feel free to send me any questions Tom :)


ESET has full protection for Microsoft Outlook.

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