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Endpoint Security Activation and Updates


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I have Eset ERA version 6.5 and Endpoint Security v6.4 which currently works fine, although we have a proxy and a third party firewall on the network. 

Updates and activation are done through the ERA server and everything works fine. Using the lastest Endpoint version 6.6, I am unable to active with ERA server on the corporate network and neither Am I able to activate with the key on the same network. Updates do fail as well. But I am able to activate and update on an unrestricted wifi. Version 6.4 works seamlessly on both corporate network and test wifi. How can I resolve the issues with version 6.6.2046.0

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  • ESET Staff

Can you please give us some insights about:

  • What kind of a proxy server do you use? Is it the default Apache HTTP Proxy distributed within ERA installer?
  • Can you send us the wire-shark log from the unsuccessful activation / update attempt?
  • What is the setting of "using the direct connection, when proxy is not available" ?
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I found out the cause, which reveals another problem. The old Endpoint AIO Setup File had The proxy settings embedded. I assumed this will be inherited from the ERA server but it did not, although the Antivirus policies and even the password protection for the agent uninstall also worked. 


I have found out that some policies are not trickling down from the parent static folders under All. Which is not the norm. 

Is there a know reason why this is happening?

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