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I've been using Eset Smart Security on multiple PCs for many years now. And I've come into a bug that is present on almost all my machines since more than a year (maybe 2).
Basically, the "disable firewall" disappears randomly (when you right click the icon).
Then if I go into the basic Configuration tab, the firewall ticks are all off and red. But the firewall actually works (I tested it), so Eset isn't saying anything.
So if I want to disable the firewall for real or just fix this, I have to go into Advanced configuration, then disable all Firewall functionalities, click ok, then do it again to re-activate them.
After that, I can finally right click my Eset icon, and click disable firewall, and choose for 10min or anything else.
But the problem comes back every 2 or 3 days after I do this...
It's doing it on Windows 7 and 10, on 3 different PCs (at least). But I have one windows 7 PC that's not having this problem...

Anyone knows how I could fix it for real ? I thought it would fix itself after some time but it didn't.
Thanks for your help

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