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ERA Components Upgrade Task

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So we just finished deploying ESET across our entire infrastructure and I would like to know what the best way is to configure an auto deploy task for components upgrades on all of our endpoints and servers? What I would like to have happen is to set this up and have it kick-off over a weekend. My biggest concern is doing all machines at once. I would like for it to run slow, a couple machines at a time, for a duration of say something like 24-48 hours. Can this be done on a top level dynamic group and go through in alphabetical order or something? Any ideas or suggestions are much appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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  • ESET Staff

There are many variants. For example I would follow this steps

  • create dynamic group for machines that are using old AGENT version. Depends on how many platforms you use, but in windows environment it would mean something like "InstalledApplication.Version!=6.5.522.0 (see all version in KB3690)
  • create client task you wish to execute. Not sure whether you with to upgrade AGENT's, or Security Products (EES/EAV/EFSW/...). For example "Software Install" task is used to upgrade security product, and "Remote Administrator Components Upgrade" task for upgrading ERA (AGENT, SERVER, PROXY, WebConsole, MDC).
  • assign task to be executed on previously created dynamic group
  • create trigger for client task. My recommendation is to use "CRON Expression" type. For example configuration
    R R R 12,13 7 ? 2017

    will execute task at random time, once a day, and only during specific two days (12th and 13th July 2017) - just to be sure task is not executed endlessly. There is also possibilty to specify more limits in "Throttling" configuration section -> you can specifi how often can be task executed, as CRON may result in multiple execution in specific case. Depends on your environment, but it may not be bad to make multiple upgrade attempts during selected days.

  • Once task is successfully executed, and product is updated, AGENT should leave dynamic group => task should be no longer started. This should prevent AGENT to re-download installation package even in case they are useless as both AGENT and security product may be already updated.

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Thank you, Martin! This is very helpful information. I should have clarified the Upgrade Components and Software Install portion, but I will need to do it for both, so this is helpful either way. Thanks again for the help. I don't know exactly when I'll get to this, but when I do, I'll reply back here if I have any questions.

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