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  1. Thank you for your reply, Michal. I appreciate the info. I'll respond if issue cannot be resolved or if things do not change after the 7.1 update.
  2. Hello, I'm currently running ESMC 7.0.471.0 and I have two mapped domain security groups that I use in order to apply different permission sets dependent upon the persons role. The current two groups are eset admins and eset users. I have one employee who currently exists in the users group. I'm now trying to give him admin permissions. I have removed him from our eset users group in AD, and then added him to the eset admins group. I then ran users sync task in ESMC, to make sure it had the current groups (I didn't know if this step should be involved or not? since I'm looking for AD Group Membership and not at an OU change). However, when the employee logs into ESMC, they still have the user permission set. I then tried removing the employee from both the eset user and eset admins groups in AD, re-ran the user sync task, and the employee can still login to the console. The only way I can prevent them from logging in is by disabling their account in AD, or removing the eset users mapped security domain group from ESMC. Does anyone have any insight into where to look when diagnosing this issue? I'm kind of at a loss here. My ESMC sync tasks look ok, and they are successful, but it seems like the console is not updating AD group membership status. Any help is appreciated. Thanks! Also, our ESMC console is a virtual appliance running on CentOS 6. My apologies for forgetting to mention that earlier.
  3. Hello All, After the recent MacOS update and ESET Cyber Security Pro update (I upgraded both on the same day), I am getting notifications from eset that it has detected a new network connection; utun1 interface. I then get a notification "Waiting for DHCP Response" with a 60 second timer. I don't use any VPN software; it's a MacBook Air 2014. Any idea what might be causing this sudden change in behavior? I was able to find this link from Apple: https://discussions.apple.com/thread/8456250 Any help or insight into this is appreciated. I have since upgraded another MacBook Air with ESET CSP and it is now exhibiting the same behavior. I have not been able to test on a completely different network. Thank you in advance!
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