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ERA Upgrade Failed

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Currently I’m upgrading ERA from version 6.3 to 6.5.The task has been failed twice.

From the log, this is the error :UpgradeInfrastructure: Task failed: Get File: Error reading HTTP response data (0x4e2a).

May I know what is the reason for this error and solution for it ?

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  • ESET Staff

his specific error, it means that HTTP download operation was interrupted, which has many causes, including failure during transmission, failure of HTTP proxy or even failure on ESET server - which may have been caused by temporarily overloaded services anr maintenance.

Is update failing regurarly, i.e. every update fails? Agent should update itself every 6 hours by default. In case failure is not repeating very often, you can ignore this issue. In case it will repeat regurarly, please check HTTP proxy or other components that may be interferring communication.

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