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Where are the bookmarks kept for Secure Browser Win10

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When I ran the shortcut "ESET Banking & Payment protection" it would open a new instance of Firefox which did not have any of my normal bookmarks. 

I was able to save all my bank, credit, stock sites etc in that browser so when I ran the shorcut again it would have those saved bookmarks.


I had read this thread (thanks to Iota) before but I had foolishly ignored the comment in bold:

On other HDDs if you want to retrieve it's on:

\ProgramData\ directory


Indeed, it was there but should have read as "On other OS's" perhaps.

My Win10 64 location for the web browser profiles:

C:\ProgramData\ESET\ESET Smart Security\OPP\S-1-5-21-12345678etc\

Shows both Firefox and Chrome profile folders

In Chrome the bookmark file is located: /default/Bookmarks

In Firefox the bookmark file is located:  /bookmarkbackups & choose the last auto saved file.

I have just found out in testing wondering why Microsoft profiles did not exist is that Microsoft Edge or IE do not segregate the Secure Banking and normal browsing like Firefox and Chrome do.

For anyone having issues with windows settings trying to set a browser as a default on Win10 Pro 64 then option 6 worked for me.



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