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  1. I chose the new "Secure All Browsers" When I opened the browser today it opened my regular Chrome windows and not the stand alone Secure Chrome window. I had no access to all my banking/creditcard/webbrokers bookmarks. Never in my widest dreams did I think choosing Secure All Browsers was going to: 1. Not still have the nice feature of a seperate secure chrome window 2. Not have access to all your Bookmarks What an inconvenience, and no warning of this would happen. To revert back or turn this feature on or off its under Setup/SecurityTools/ Secure All Browsers If y
  2. I had to go into Setup/SecurityTools/Banking&Payment and Disable Permanently then Enable it back again. Programming blunder: Why it says Permanently I will never understand that logic, it only need's to say Disable and not worry you that you will never be able to use it again lol.
  3. Router. I found my phone system was trying to communicate with my off site email server (to email me) every minute so I fixed my phone system.
  4. Ended mDNSResponder.exe task and after shutting down Chrome twice to test not a whisper from Eset Uninstalled Bonjour. Opened Chrome and problem is back..
  5. Go into the Admin page and check the logs of your Router to see what is trying to communicate. Pay attention to the same item time after time.
  6. Unlike SCR's post you are quoting I do not have Chrome installed on my other PC so we now know it's not Chrome on that PC inbound to mine. I have just installed Chrome on this PC so have not really played with settings yet. I ran these commands to see if I can pin point anything: netstat -p UDP -a -o | find "5353" To list items/IP that are using 5353 netstat -abno To list all ports that are listening I am fining these items listening or using port 5353 : mDNSResponder.exe - Bonjour Service nvcontainer.exe - Nvidia Container chrome.exe - Chrome s
  7. So is this a Chrome issue then? should I be asking on a Google forum for a resolution? Come to think of it as I write this I do not recall even installing Chrome on that other PC. If I "deny" I cant surf.....If I just create a rule "allow always" yet that other PC goes down then logically I cant surf because nobody to talk too, lol.
  8. Solved! When I ran the shortcut "ESET Banking & Payment protection" it would open a new instance of Firefox which did not have any of my normal bookmarks. I was able to save all my bank, credit, stock sites etc in that browser so when I ran the shorcut again it would have those saved bookmarks. I had read this thread (thanks to Iota) before but I had foolishly ignored the comment in bold: On other HDDs if you want to retrieve it's on: \ProgramData\ directory Indeed, it was there but should have read as "On other OS's" perhaps. My Win10 64 l
  9. What does that mean in non technical terms. The link only tells me what types of traffic are on that port. Eset has no issues with all other browsers.
  10. "The problem is the IP address of the remote computer is another PC on my network." My Gateway is 1.1 "But wait for an answer from a moderator/admin/someone who knows these type of things" Great idea! Thank you!
  11. Where or what folder are the bookmarks kept for the Banking Secure Browser on Win10 machines? Thanks
  12. Eset firewall pop-up : Google Chrome is trying to communicate with a remote site The problem is the IP address of the remote computer is another PC on my network. If I deny there is no internet access for Chrome. I do not have this issue with IE, Edge or Firefox Why does it pick this other PC to access the internet when my PC is already connected? Thanks
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