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Failed upgrade era ova

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currenty user use era 6.4 and want to upgrade to 6.5
acording to this tutorial hxxp://help.eset.com/era_deploy_va/65/en-US/index.html?va_recovery.htm
we try to upgrade to latest version, buat failed with this message



Restart ova, and this happen.


here appliance-configuration-log.txt


is there anyone is already success upgrade era ova with this method?

thank you,

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  • ESET Staff

Could you please confirm, that your new OVA is running, i.e. you can connect to 6.5 console? Provided era-ova-log seems to be from ERA 6.4 appliance, am I right? Because there is no failure and 6.4 products were installed successfully.

Screenshots indicates that only installation of AGENT failed on newly deployed appliance - which is most probably caused by upgrade process from ERA 6.4 which may have taken more time than expeced (this is already reported as bug). Regarding error from first screenshot, you may ignore it in case of upgrade, it has no impact on functionality.

I would recommend to make another migration attempt (once you are able to log-in into 6.5 console), this time migrate ERA 6.5 (OVA that you created screenshots) to newly deployed 6.5 OVA. Technically it will migrate already upgrade ERA database to new appliance, hopefully with success during local AGENT installation.

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hello MartinK,

thank you for help.

finnaly success migrate ova 6.4 to 6.5

here what i do:

1. deploy era 6.5 ova
2. pull database from era 6.4 ovaera1.thumb.jpg.39d0bdec5999b94da49f4e5842254896.jpg

3. configure era appliance 6.5 ova, just setup the password.

4. and finallly, here the result.era-4.thumb.jpg.80353c5faf30b235219fde8c55ae7ac5.jpg

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