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Website being blocked

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A website I regularly visit is being partly blocked by Eset. I reported it to the website in question and was given a link on how to unblock it with Eset. I told the website they should contact Eset as there is probably a reason that the site is being blocked and it would be better to have this fixed for all users. Also there is probably a reason for Eset blocking the site and for that reason I won't put it into my exceptions - even if it is a false positive if the site did get infected in the future I'd be at risk.

The website is www.doctorwhotv.co.uk. When entering the site, the site is viewable but an alert comes up "hxxp://community.doctorwhotv.co.uk/javascripts/count.js;Blocked by internal IP blacklist." Most of the site is viewable but the community page is blocked completely with the following message "Website blocked The web page is on the list of websites with potentially dangerous content. Access to it has been blocked."

What is the reason for this? The site seems to have stopped emailing me. I'd usually think that was suspicious but it is well used popular site. Just wondering what they should do to avoid this.



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It was the IP address which was blocked. It will be unblocked momentarily. Next time please report possible false positives as per the above instructions,

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