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First scan doesn't run


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Yesterday evening I uninstall my old version of Nod32 v6, and then after reset I install last version v7...Nod32 ask me if I want to start the "First scan" after installation, and I think that I see messages that the "First scan" will run after restarting my computer. I shut down the machine and go to sleep. Now, today, because the "First scan" not run I try to start it via schedule scan, but also nothing happen even if I try to manually start the scan form schedule task pane.


What happens? Did I trying something wrong?


Best Regards.

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The first scan is simply a smart scan as far as i can tell.

It states it will improve future scanning and that is essentially because of how the smart scan works by looking at the origional md5 or larger hash files and make sure they has not been changed or alterted since the last scan.


You may get some assistance on your problem,  but if you just run a Smart scan now, it will (AFAIK) do the same thing as the first scan.

Then you can just go about your business on your computer.


I dont think you did anything wrong.

Edit: you may have even stumbled upon some program behavior they may take a look at just to make sure its all acting as intended.

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The bubble that pops up when a first-time scan is started contains a link to stop the scan. If you clicked the link, the first-time scan will not run again. Nonetheless, you can run an on-demand disk scan whenever you want.

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