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  1. Dear Marcos, Tomorrow, when I finish scheduled scan I will prepare some files and send you. Best Regards.
  2. OK, I will try first with Smart Optimization and see what happens. Thanks for now I will report with new results.
  3. Dear Arakasi, I also think like you, but why you give me this suggestion? Is it safe to put of scanning of these files? Can you give me some short manual how to exclude these files, folders on scheduled scan? Best Regards.
  4. Dear Marcos, Please check this hxxp://support.rosettastone.com/en-US/articles/How-do-I-allow-Rosetta-Stone-through-ESET-NOD32-6-ESET-Smart-Security-s-Anti-Virus I have problems when NOD32 scanning files in folder Program Data - Rosetta Stone - Content and Program Data - Rosetta Stone - TotalE - Content. These folders have approx 5.5GB size on my SSD. Best Regards.
  5. Why NOD32 AV need so much time for scanning Rosetta Stone folders? Once in a week i set scheduler to scan complete system (in-depth scan), but he need approximately 8 hours, for scanning approx 2735189 files. When start to scan Rosetta files it takes too long. If I put full system scan (smart scan) I get similar results in time with less files. Please check the photos. Best Regards.
  6. Yesterday evening I uninstall my old version of Nod32 v6, and then after reset I install last version v7...Nod32 ask me if I want to start the "First scan" after installation, and I think that I see messages that the "First scan" will run after restarting my computer. I shut down the machine and go to sleep. Now, today, because the "First scan" not run I try to start it via schedule scan, but also nothing happen even if I try to manually start the scan form schedule task pane. What happens? Did I trying something wrong? Best Regards.
  7. Running Win7 Prox x64...I will try to contact them also. Thanks.
  8. After two weeks situation with update is the same. Couple of days is everything ok, then NOD starts to download large file again with error. Right now, I have two problems that they are not solved (2nd is with scheduled scan), and this is the first time in many years of using (V3, V4, V5 ok, but V6 is disastrer ) Now I'm waiting for version 7 and maybe better days. Best Regards.
  9. I prepared files today. Before on-demand scaning.
  10. Ok, first when I do schedule scan on satturday morning I just turn on the computer, then in about 15 min, Nod starts to schedule in-depth scan without claening. Results is to find a couple of threats. After that, I try to start scheduled scan again and hi find diferent threats (not same quantity). Then, I want to try on-demand in-depth scan of system (same parameters like scheduled), but Nod didn't want to start. Ok. I need to restart my computer, start on-demand full scan, and hi didn't find any threats. Smart scan also didn't find anything. Yesterday I try Eset online scanner, and progra
  11. How to send you files? I prepare everything what you ask me. Best Regards.
  12. On-demand smart scan result Best Regards.
  13. Ok Markos, tell me how to send you files? Send me some detailed instructions. Last results with on-demand in-depth scan Now I will try, smart scan. Best Regards.
  14. Then In-depth scan on C:\Windows\Microsoft.NET
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