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Warning when HIPS is disabled with 6.5


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Hi, I updated an Endpoint Antivirus and/or Endpoint Security Client from 6.4 to 6.5 to try it out. The first thing I see is a big reg warning, telling me that I should enable ESET HIPS. I run an ERA Server and I have disable HIPS in Policy. But now those clients also show up in the ERA Server with a red Warning and a "Security Risk". I have no intention of activating HIPS. How do I disable this Message in the Client and Server?

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HIPS is a critical protection feature similar to real-time protection in terms of importance.

Disabling HIPS also disables:
- Self-defense
- Advanced Memory Scanner
- Exploit Blocker
- Anti-ransowmare protection (currently present only in home version 10 but the plan is to get it to Endpoint too)

That said, by disabling HIPS you substantially reduce protection capabilities of ESET Endpoint and expose the computers at risk when it comes to new borne malware. Doing so causes Endpoint to be more dependent on definition updates, creating a gap during which computers are more vulnerable to malware attacks.

Nevertheless, if you want to take the risk you can disable changing the protection status if HIPS is disabled under User interface -> Application statuses.

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