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Computer appearing in 'All' and not in the correct OU

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Hi there.

I am fairly new to ESET v6 and I'm hoping someone can help before I go completely mad!

I'll try and keep it short and sweet......

I use an AD Synch Task to add PC's into the ERA. I have a GPO that installs the agent on the PC's, and a Dynamic Group for PC's with no AV installed that is coupled with a software install task to install ESET Antivirus.

One new PC this morning has reported into ERA, it's installed the software as it should, it appears in the correct Dynamic Group.

The problem is that it's appearing in the 'All' Group at the top level of the static groups and NOT appearing in my OU structure.....

What am I missing please?! Thank you to anyone who takes the time to reply!

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  • ESET Staff


Under normal circumstances the company which fails to pair to with its AD entry, it gets into the "Lost & Found" Group.  Maybe, you have used either a GPO Script, or Live Installer, or installation package with pre-defined group selected to "all" (AFAIK, this is the default setting).  Dynamic groups are evaluated based on where they are placed. If your DGs are located under "all", it of course shows the computer correctly.

You can resolve this by running AD Sync task, with collision handling set to "move" which should place the computer into the correct static group, according to its AD group membership.


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