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  1. Hello all! Long time lurker and user of ESET here and I need a little advice please. We use a GPO to install the Agent, that's working with no issues. We then have a dynamic group of PC's without ESET installed where we have attached a software install task. It's worked for years with no issues but recently we've noticed that if the installaion task fails (Windows updates being installed already normally), then it doesn't try to install again and we have lots of laptops with an agent but no Protect installed. Can anyone suggest anything please? Many thanks ☺️
  2. HI Marcos, We are using ERA 6.5. Agent installed on client is also 6.5. OS on clients is Windows 7/10. No errors in the logs, I just see this on each of the computers reporting in: Thanks, Kirsten
  3. Hi all, I'm hoping you can assist me. I've turned off the setting that warns about Windows Firewall being off (all of our PC's/Servers have it turned off) but I'm still seeing the 'this feature is not monitored by windows security center' warninig message. Any ideas please? Thanks, Kirsten
  4. Hi there. I am fairly new to ESET v6 and I'm hoping someone can help before I go completely mad! I'll try and keep it short and sweet...... I use an AD Synch Task to add PC's into the ERA. I have a GPO that installs the agent on the PC's, and a Dynamic Group for PC's with no AV installed that is coupled with a software install task to install ESET Antivirus. One new PC this morning has reported into ERA, it's installed the software as it should, it appears in the correct Dynamic Group. The problem is that it's appearing in the 'All' Group at the top level of the static groups and NOT appearing in my OU structure..... What am I missing please?! Thank you to anyone who takes the time to reply!
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