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What are your most-used functions in ERA?


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I'm new to ERA (6.3), and so far, I've used it to deploy antivirus, and to find computers that haven't been updated properly. What else do people use ERA for? Is there anything else I should be doing each day or week? What's the typical routine?

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  • ESET Staff

First of all, you should upgrade ERA to the latest version (6.4) using the components upgrade task.

PS: What is the reason, that you are running 6.3? Have you replaced someone on your position (you have "inherited") the environment from someone? 

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@MichalJ We are still on v5 :D

I use ERA v5 Console for real-time tracking of client status. Such as latest antivirus database update, windows security update (we don't have any update management. I'm investigating v6 features on this, so I can force client to check update and start update). Also I get notified of any infection. We don't have many since UTM blocks most problematic content from internet, but some do get beyond UTM. Lately I tried to execute script on all clients to change local admin password, but that is just nearly impossible on v5. This is one nice feature of v6. Next, I have enabled logging on some web control, hips, firewall rules, so having them in realtime helps me track some situations. I don't like stuff they did in v6 regarding dashboard, it destroys my expirience in real-time tracking, but they don't plan to change it so...

Device control is something I tested in v5 and will need to use it (this feature is great potential, they say people don't use it and that they stopped investments in that module), but this waits for v6.5 or maybe v7, it depends how v6.5 is good and how easy is to upgrade from 6.5 to 7. I don't want to export any settings from v5 to v6, we wan't fresh start. While we used pop3/smtp server it helped alot with antispam and antivirus on e-mail protection. However since we migrated to Office 365 I am not sure does it still scan mail since now we use MAPI over HTTP. But I see it enabled as add-on in Outlook so I'm guessing it scans e-mail when they show up in OST file. I expect us to move to v6.5 or v7 just because of features like executing commands on client (no we don't have domain), merging firewall policies and they says it's better in defending against ransomware, which I am still little bit sceptical.

What I still don't like in v6 is what they have done to update management, or better yet lack of it, but as with story on dashboard it's something they don't plan to change so...One thing I'd like to see at least in v7 is scheduling when policy is applied to client. You know the old story about user using notebook at work then moving it to home....currently I'm preventing users doing stupid stuff on notebook at home with web control but I'd love if I could be even more restrictive :)


I forgot to mention one more reason I consider jumping to 6.5 before 7. Services can be used in firewall rules. This is very important to me since now I can say, ok let only Windows Update have full access to internet on clients that should not have internet access. And when you think about scheduling in this case...that would be...awesome is small word :)

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