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Setting a NOT condition to a rule

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Working with Mail security for Exchange 4.5 (yes, I know it's old).  Trying to set an exception by sender's email address to an attachment blocking rule.  Help file suggests the NOT condition can be used but does not provided example as it does with the AND and OR conditions.  Have tried:

NOT email@address.com

NOT "email@address.com"

NOT ("email@address.com")

but the exception is not triggering and the attachment is still removed as it should be for all other senders.

Any clues? Not possible?

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  • ESET Staff


this is probably a known issue of 4.5 - when VSAPI evaluates rules, it may use two values of sender - email address and display name. In that case the NOT operator does not work as expected.

try something like this:
NOT email@address.com AND NOT "display name"

(both display name and email address used by VSAPI can be seen in log after enabling diagnostic logging)

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  • Administrators

Anyways, I'd recommend upgrading to EMSX v6.4, at least to take advantage of LiveGrid and other new features, such as filtering particular types of files.

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Thanks Marcos, was not expecting the latest version to be compatible with our old software, shall into in that upgrade.

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