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anti-theft whitelist?

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Hi Friends,

I got an email saying that someone had opened my Phantom Account, and asking if I wanted to report the computer as missing.  Actually it was me, and I had accidentally clicked the wrong icon when I was logging into my main account.


(On my old computer, the phantom account is on the left, so I'm used to clicking the icon on the right.  But on the new computer, they're switched around.)


It seems like there should be a way to prevent these accidents from being escalated to potentially being missing.  I've never had a burgular alarm, like on a house, but it seems like I've heard of something where if the homeowner accidentally sets it off, they can call and report the false alarm.


Couldn't there be a way to have a false alarm button somewhere in the program?  Otherwise, you'll be sending me a lot of those emails, haha!  Maybe I'll just have to make a shortcut to that webpage.  So as soon as I log on, I can go there and mark it not missing.  But it would be nice if I could just click a button locally.


Hhmm, I wonder if those icons can be moved around?  I'll try it the next time I log on.  Maybe I could just move one of the accounts into a corner or something?


Has anyone else found some kind of solution for this?  Thanks for any comments :)

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go to antitheft page, select your device, go to Settings, under Notifications uncheck  Notification on Suspicious state to disable mail notifications.




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Hhmm...  Yes, I guess that would work.  At first I was thinking - no, because I do want to be notified in case it really is stolen.  But then, chances are that I'll notice it's missing, and don't need to be notified.


Thanks for your help  :)

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