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I have a problem. I have ESS V6 installed on a Win8 x64 pc and I can't use sysinspector.

I create a system image but when I try to see it, nothing happens. I start sysinspector and the ESS gui freezes and can't do anything else with it until I restart the PC.

WTHell is going on with this thing?

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    For how long did you wait for SysInspector to finish creation of the log? Sometimes it may take several minutes to create it, depending on how many items are parsed.


    It did créate the image, but when I right clicked the image I couldn't open it. I saw the message from the program saying that the image was created if that's what you're asking.
  • For what is worth, this is what I did. I opened the ESS gui, went to tolos, clicked on Sysinspector tab, created an image (which took a while but not that much -fast pc-) and when it was done right clicked the image to see it, that's when the gui froze and I couldn't do anything else with it until I restarted the pc.
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