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Endpoint clients deactivating

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I am quite new at managing Eset products and I must say that I am a bit disappointed for the moment.

My network is composed of about 150 computers and 40 servers.

Eset Endoint is deployed on my computers and Eset File Server on my servers.

When I arrived to my new job, I discovered that the products were not activated. I activated them, it worked on a lot of devices...

Now, what happens is that devices that were activated yesterday appear as deactivated in the admin console today and in the client itself even if we can see the license in the help menu...?

I have opened a ticket to the support and the answer was to upgrade the product which of course was the worst possible answer. My agent is in the and I have already seen this problem on the forum for different agent versions...

I have checked everything, there is no difference at all between an activated machine and a deactivated one... This sounds like an issue.


Have you already faced this problem, did you solve it and if yes, can you give me a clue?


Thank's a lot,




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