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  1. Hi all, We are facing activation issue with file security. When we try to activate the file security with offline file it's take some NFR license 33d-49p-e5x At one of the client place the product activate automatically and took the same license as mentioned above. We have removed the agent and activate the client but still facing same issue. We are facing this issue on different location and 1 thing is common the NFR license(33d-49p-e5x) from Nether land.
  2. Getting error message while scanning and infection can't be removed
  3. Dear Marcos, User having write permission. Change the the setting to strict cleaning for context menu. And error was reported during scanning. Thus the new version may help????
  4. Hi all, One of the client using ESET Endpoint Anti virus V5. And one of the folder in NAS drive is infected with "sality". Is there any way to remove the Infection. I have mapped the drive and tried to scan with Strict cleaning. But AV only scan, but do not remove the infection. Kindly help me out with scenario.
  5. The client is using proxy for internet connection which is configured on 3128 port. Apache HTTP server is also configured on same port so change the Apache HTTP server port to 3129, but the distribution of update was not proper, Only some of the Workstation was getting Updates. Then tried update through ESET HTTTP server and it was conflicting with web control. Earlier client was using Version 5 and update distribution was configured using sharing method. Will check the the solution provided by MartinK and inform you the same.
  6. We have used ESET file security to create mirror. Mirror is stored on Window server 2008 R2. The working environment is work Group. \\Server-IP\Esetmirror is path and in username and password we gave System credential. With http server we were facing many issue. Now the update issue has been resolved in all system except window XP systems We have allowed sharing for ESET mirror for to everyone. The User is having 100 workstation and facing issue only with 12 XP workstation. Other than this agent is communicating properly.
  7. Hi, We have created policy for updates using sharing method. We are using Endpoint security 6.4 on all of the system(100). Out of which there 13 client having Window XP SP3. Now the problem is when we update window XP system it's give error Username and password is invalid. But with the same policy we are able to update ESET VSDB on other OS. Check console the client is communicating properly. The issue is with Only window XP system.
  8. How i can disable license notification on client system. I want license notification only on ERA. I'm using ERA 6.3
  9. Dear all, While Create package with ERA 5. ERA version : Setup version : 5.0.2265.0 Getting ERROR Message Getting same ERROR with 3 different clients.
  10. Hi, Facing issue with web browsing with latest update 13764 . Please check and resolve the issue. The mentioned web sites are News Media websites.
  11. How to change port number of apache HTTP proxy. Tried to change the port number with htpd.conf but later on the services didn't start. User is using 3128 port for internal proxy.
  12. Hi all, Set a rule for device control>>> Block all device. It was working fine. But when we allow access to single flash drive using serial number and block all other device, it's allow all device. Facing same issue with ESS 6.3 at multiple location. I think there is problem with the latest module update. Please check at your end. I have attached the required log files. Device control log,ESET setting configuration, ESET module details. ESET Vatsal.rar
  13. Kindly follow the below link and check. hxxp://support.eset.com/kb217/?locale=en_US
  14. Hi all, Hi i'm not able to open ERA web console(ERA 6.3)(Web console page is not displayed). The issue seems to be appache tomcat. Followed the different solution but didn't worked for me. All related services running properly. Updated the java still facing the same issue. I have attached all log related appache Tomcat. appachelogs.rar
  15. Facing same issue at several places. When down graded the ESET to version 8 .....Activation successful....but at the time of update download it's show invalid user name and password. Reset the user name and password and checked still facing same issue. Please check and confirm the issue arose at 10-15 different location.
  16. yes there was issue with earlier version (Specially with samsung magician) I had received a reply from ESET "The issue seems to be in mixing of cached and non-cached reads on a file. SSD benchmark does non-cached reads whereas we do cached read(s). Once there was at least one cached read on a file, subsequent non-cached reads need to flush/purge cache which adds some small overhead on every read. If there is fair amount of reads, this small overhead can become significant."
  17. Description: Integrate USB tool fixer in AV. Detail: As data get hidden due to trojan infection in USB drives . Then we need to run ESET USB fixer or "attrib" command to unhide the data, more than 50% of daily issue reported are of data hide. Description: Off-line weekly update file/off-line Activation Detail: This facility will help in updating off-line retail customer or for poor net connectivity. This will boost the sales in remote area.
  18. Hi one of client facing problem in activation of ESET nod32 anti virus v9.0375 with proxy setting. Error shown "We cannot reach activation server". Proxy in enable in EST AV. Is there any problem in activation using proxy setting.
  19. Installing ERA V6.3 Microsoft SQL 2012. Getting error "it is not possible to store large blocks of data in the database, please configure the database server first". Tried to locate my.ini . Solution provided on hxxp://support.eset.com/kb3590/?locale=en_US for MYSQL. Kindly help to locate my.ini or other relative file .
  20. Hi all, Installed ERA 6.3. Failed to login. Last error message :Kernel start failed Checked services: Eset remote Administrator services stop automatically. Restarted services but still still services stop automatically. (Option selected automatic delay,manual ) In service properties under log on tab used "local system account" & "Network services" still issue persist. trace log attache. trace.log
  21. Check whether the port 2222 used by any other application. Use "telnet" command to check the port communication and "netstat -ano" to check check which application use 2222 port. Open Cmd and run as admin to check telnet and netstat command. Else repair the agent and enter the ERA server IP and check.
  22. Ok i will check for blacklist. But question arose because i have checked the login from different location with 2-3 new connection. Dear planet i'm having same ISP at different location but somewhere it's give access and somewhere not.
  23. Hi Bill, Make note that if you change any setting from the ERA console, then it restrict the user(at the client end) to make any change in the Anti virus application. You can only view the setting done. I don't think so this behavior is mistake. You can change the Personal firewall filtering mode to learning mode to allow all inbound and outbound traffic. If you want to allow the user to add/edit/delete then what's the need of applying the policy from ERA console end????
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