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  1. I got it. so these "desktop notifications" is the only xwindow gui for v7. you can not control v7 in xwindow gui. is that correct? so the desktop environment requirement is for "desktop notifications", although I don't know what it is since I never get one.
  2. I hope you are correct and I can use it in the near future! can someone from ESET confirm this?
  3. v7 has the program "egui". but document didn't mention it and I can not start it.
  4. Hi: I have asked the question before but didn't get answer. so I think I need to issue it again and wait for fix. the previous thread is at
  5. I don't know why v7 need desktop environment when it is only CLI. in document v7 system requirement: Supported desktop environments: •GNOME •KDE •XFCE
  6. yes I had study the document. I start a local scan for the computer. the scan finished but I don't know where to check the scan result. the document didn't say about this. it seems strange if everything is cli. eset file security at least has web interface. I don't understand why a desktop product only has cli.
  7. I am a little confused. if v7 can only be controlled by ESMC, then how a normal user can use it without xwindow/web gui?
  8. thanks a lot for your sharing!! so v7 didn't have xwindow gui (then what's the egui for?), but v4 has xwindow gui. is that correct? I need to use a version with xwindow gui, then I think I will use V4.
  9. Hi: one of our staff need to install linux version(at RHEL 7.7), so I tried to install and testing. but I need some clarify. the linux environment is RHEL 7.7. 1. linux file security => this works fine, I can create web service and use browser to manage it. but it seems have no xwindow user interface, is that correct? 2. endpoint antivirus linux 7.x => there seems have no web service for browser. I didn't see any gnome icon and I don't know where to start xwindow gui interface(is there any?). I try to run "/opt/eset/eea/lib/egui" but it just hang there and nothing happ
  10. the all-in-one installer with policy is for staffs who can not connect ESMC server temporary (out of office). but as you said, the policy is not very important. the policy will be applied when they connect ESMC server.the automatic activation is important since they can not connect ESMC at the beginning. so the current situation is acceptable.
  11. yes the policy is about protect Endpoint/Agent from being uninstalled. 1. ESMC 7.1 at RHEL 7.7 2. I tried several 7.x version(endpoint antivirus) but none can be activated if I apply endpoint or agent policy.
  12. I try other settings and it seems fine. could you try password settings both for client and agent to see if it is the root cause? it seems the root cause for my server.
  13. only client password for endpoint and agent. I didn't try other settings. maybe I will try other settings later to see if this is the root cause. if I apply client or agent or both then the installer can not be activated.
  14. thanks a lot for your confirm. I try previous version "7.1.2064.0" but still failed. so I guess all Japanese versions are special. this is the first time I need Japanese version. is there any workaround so I can make all-in-one Japanese version? and if I remember correctly, the endpoint package I downloaded from eset website like "eea_nt64.msi" seems universal language. why all-in-one installer has different language?
  15. Hi: I try to pick some other languages like English,Chinese,Russian,Indonesian, all these can be downloaded. it seems only Japanese is effected. is it the eset server problem?
  16. hi: I try to create all-in-one installer and select japanese language as attached. but when I want to download the package, it shows the package is not in repository as attached.
  17. hi: I try to create endpoint antivirus all-in-one-installer which can activate automatically. after try and error, I found if I include endpoint policy or agent policy with the installer, then the installation can not activate. only installer without any policy can activate automatically. is this a known issue or I miss something important?
  18. today the product list is missing again. according to your hint, I think maybe something changed at the server, so ESMC is effected. 1. downgrade mysql 5.7.29 to 5.28 => useless 2. downgrade mysql-connector-odbc 8.0.19 to 8.0.18 => useless, this makes me sad 3. upgrade all mysql component => useless 4. downgrade all mysql component => useless, this makes me panic 5. upgrade all mysql component, downgrade mysql-connector-odbc => useless 6. upgrade all, downgrade all, then upgrade mysql-connector-odbc => product list shows up again!! somthi
  19. but downgrade odbc driver didn't work for me. downgrade MySQL works. although I can not reproduce it. waiting for documentations about this issue. thanks a lot for your help!
  20. according to your hint. I do some tests below: 1. downgrade mysql-connector-odbc-8.0.19 to mysql-connector-odbc-8.0.18 and reboot => useless, no correct product list. 2. downgrade MySQL 5.7.29 to MySQL 5.7.28 and reboot => bingo! the product list shows up again!! 3. upgrade to mysql-connector-odbc-8.0.19 and MySQL 5.7.29 and reboot => sadly, the product list still shows, can not reproduce. 4. create all-in-one installer and delete it => sadly, the product list still shows, can not reproduce. so the problem seems related to MySQL, since I downgrade it and
  21. I am using MySQL 5.7 with mysql-connector-odbc-8.0.19-1 under rhel 7.7. is there any work-around of the issue. I had setup several esmc server, but this is the first time I delete and recreate the all-in-one installer.
  22. Hi: I just install a new ESMC 7.1 server and create all-in-one installer to deploy. after testing, I found it didn't activate automatically. so I think maybe something wrong. I delete the installer and create a new one. then I am surprised that I can't find the product (endpoint antivirus) any more. only some products I don't need show at the list ( as attached). how can I refresh the product list so I can find the product I need?
  23. just give it a try and the answer is no. you can not uninstall v6 with v7 msi files. so what's is the correct command to remove v6 without v6 msi files?
  24. Hi: I need to uninstall endpoint v6 then install v7 to get rid of the v6 policy inheritance . I wonder what's the best command line to use in script. after searching the forum, I found the command is MSIEXEC /uninstall X:\ESET\eea_nt64_enu.msi /qb REBOOT="ReallySuppress" PASSWORD="password" I don't have v6 msi now. can I use v7 msi file to remove v6? is there better command to use without using the msi file? thanks a lot for help!
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