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  1. Hi: I use delayed update for maximum stability. but start from last week we are attacked by some kind of phishing mails. it includes a word doc virus about invoice, and that doc file changed every day. nod32 normally detect it after one day. livegrid doesn't detect it. upload the file to "virustotal" for scan, their nod32 engine also can not detect it (but will detect it tomorrow). I wonder if the "delayed update" can co-work with livegrid?
  2. maybe set both 6.x and 7.x password would help, I haven't try. but I will upgrade all client to 7.x, so the policy would be strange at that time. and if someone remove the strange 6.x policy one day, the same behavior may come back. your information is valuable: "it might not work as expected in case settings were changed before upgrade to 7". so to prevent all these strange policy problem, I think I should uninstall all the 6.x before upgrade. I need to study how to do it. but may I ask again last time: is there any method to reset default policy for end
  3. unfortunately our local ESET support can only answer general questions. when I already RTFM , I can only ask for support in the forum.
  4. according to Endpoint 7.2 document, there should be a different way for policy. although I don't know what it is yet. still waitng for someone answering the forum question.
  5. howto do that? I didn't set password 6.x style policy. I only set password 7.x style policy. and client shows about now password settings get improvement every time. in fact, I want to reset all settings to 7.2 default without uninstall. is that possible?
  6. Hi: I try to upgrade several endpoint 6.5 to 7.2. the old policies are left in upgrade installation, which I need to reset it. but there is one strange setting: password protection. I have setup new 7.x style password policy. but every time endpoint start-up, it will show information about "password setup changed". it seems never forget 6.x style password inside. if I uninstall 6.5 and install 7.2 then everything will be fine. but that's seems stupid. is there method resetting everything to 7.2 default when upgrade?
  7. any update for this? I don't see difference between 6.x and 7.1 "not apply" policy. I wish to understand what I missed.
  8. will this be fixed next version? or we need to fix it at configuration or mirrortool ? maybe the mirror from mirrortool didn't give enough files so client want to contact "repository.eset.com" ?
  9. I download ESMC 7.1 appliance and take a look. indeed it is using mysql 5.6 and tomcat 7. however it seems a tricky setup, if I do "yum reinstall tomcat" then system become broken even I put back ESET modified web.xml and server.xml . with tomcat 9 I don't need to modify any configuration file, it works by default. maybe that's why document said ESMC 7.1 need at least tomcat 9. thanks again for your information!!
  10. thanks a lot!! the document warns behavior change between 6.x and 7.x about "not apply" flag. but I don't understand what is it. so wait and learn from your confirm.
  11. Hi: I tried to use all-in-one installer made by ESMC to upgrade endpoint 6.4 client. the all-in-one installer include a minimal policy with only password set. I assume the minimal policy will brings endpoint client to its default. it is true for new computers. but for some old computers, after upgrade with all-in-one installer, I found the "potentially unwanted" and "potentially unsafe" are enabled. so it seems some old policy brings to new after upgrade. if I uninstall endpoint and reinstall again, then everything is normal. so I wonder I still need force many default polic
  12. that's strange. official tomcat 7 can not work when I upgrade to ESMC 7.1. I will download 7.1 Appliance and take a look.
  13. what I mean best is most reliable and verified. thanks for your clarification. but I have tested tomcat 7 and it is not working. document also said ESMC 7.1 need tomcat 9. do ESMC 7.1 Appliance actually use tomcat 7? document said SQLServer for Linux is not supported. if it is supported maybe I will give it a try. although I always prefer MariaDB. MariaDB is linux standard these days(I understand ESET may never want to support it).
  14. may I ask which mysql version is best? I now stay in 5.7. in ERA 6.x time, ESET support 5.5,5.6,5.7, but 5.7 has problems. now ESET support 5.6,5.7,8.0. I assume 8.0 will have problems but I am not sure.
  15. Hi: I just upgrade from 6.5 to 7.1. and I want to make sure I use the same component with Eset. linux: 64bit is a must now. that's fine since rhel7 already abandon 32bit. rhel7 or clone is best since Eset virtual appliance use it? tomcat: tomcat7 is not working anymore. that's unfortunate. ESMC 7.1 need at least tomcat9, and since there is no tomcat 10, tomcat9 is the only choice. BTW, ESMC 7.1 installation document is full of tomcat7 example, I think it need to be modified for tomcat9. mysql: ERA 6.x has problems with mysql 5.7, so at that time mysql 5.6 is the
  16. we use mirrortool to mirror update and point client update to mirror(of course the mirrortool is updated version for 7.x). it was working file for endpoint 6.x. in fact it is working fine for 7.2 unless you click "check update" manually. if you didn't click, the scheduler update is working fine at background and shows no warnings. it seems if you click "check update" when there is no new update at mirror, the client will try to connect internet and show failed message.
  17. Hi: just upgrade to endpoint 7.2. I have some offline clients. when I click "update" at client GUI the client try to connect "repository.eset.com". and it shows failed after that. I assume this is a bug since offline client can not connect to internet.
  18. I know that. I mean why windows version make this work so complicated? why not like Mac/Linux version, just set primary server and secondary server in policy? it's very stupid to set dual profile and schedule to roam.
  19. Hi: I just upgrade ERA 6.5 to ESMC 7.1 to mange endpoint 7.2. there are many problems. but I can't understand why I still see dual profile method to update for windows. Linux/Mac can define primary/secondary update policy. why windows still need dual profile and schedule to finish such easy job?
  20. that's a great news. we are waiting for it. thanks a lot!
  21. Previously ESMC 7.1 / Endpoint 7.2 was planned for 19H2. but since there are no beta out yet, I assume the plan was canceled/delayed?
  22. Hi: I think mariaDB is multi-platform compatibility also. few people like Oracle/MySQL, but it is better than nothing. at least we can install ESMC at linux
  23. Description: reconsider MariaDB support Detail: RHEL8 is coming. ESMC should try to support MariaDB, and not lock itself to some old mysql 5.6 version. it is hard to install old mysql.
  24. I didn't install 6.6 yet. but since 6.6.2072.2 with latest update is equal to 6.6.2072.4, why the administration panel show warning about outdated version? it should not show this kind of warning..
  25. hi: today I saw new version of endpoint 6.5 released. but I am confused since there is already version 6.6. is this normal or just an exception? I am still at 6.4 and wait for 6.6 to become mature.
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