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  1. hi: you are correct. the computer time of the PC is wrong, and it haven't update virus signature for 2 days. after fix the time issue and update virus signature, windows 7 won't complain anymore.
  2. hi: we are running eset endpoint 6.4.2014.2 and we are satisfied with the version. we have tried eset endpoint 6.6 but it can not use offline mirror so we can not use it. today I notice the windows 7 message center warning about endpoint 6.4.2014.2 announce itself expired and need to update. I am shocked about the message. how can I use the old good version before eset fix offline mirror? I really don't want to try 6.5 since I know I will upgrade to 6.6 eventually.
  3. hi: thanks for the quick reply. before the arriving of ransomware, the biggest problem we face is not virus, but the false alarm by anti-virus software. so we are happy when we have options for delayed update. now the biggest problem is ransomware, but I am not sure the benefit/trouble caused by LiveGrid. maybe we should try it on some computers.
  4. Hi: I always use delayed update mode since endpoint V5. and I am very satisfied with the result. there is no critical false alarm for several years. I never enable Live grid. I wonder if the logic of Live grid is conflict with delayed update mode, since Live grid is the newest detection method?
  5. sorry I didn't see the timeline post. is there any url to check?
  6. yes. these machines don't have internet accesss and update from a mirror. I don't know what's the benefit to enable LiveGrid for these kind of machines. maybe I misunderstand LiveGrid?
  7. no, the machine is not online. I enable LiveGrid for online machines and disable LiveGrid for offline machines. now offline machines warns about critical security problem because disabled LiveGrid. how to solve the situation?
  8. hi: I upgrade from endpoint antivirus 6.4 to 6.5/6.6. and found it now warns about livegrid disabled although I am using offline license. can I disable the warning or I should enable livegrid even at offline mode?
  9. hi: thanks for the quick reply. no problem I can wait for new version of mirror tool to finish the job. in the mean time I downgrade to 6.5.2107 and it seems work fine. I prefer mirror tool because it is much simpler and efficient.
  10. hi: I just upgrade our ERA server from 6.4 to 6.5, so I think I should try latest endpoint product. I download the latest endpoint antivirus (6.6.2046) and found it can not update virus signature from our offline mirror server. after checking mirror server apache log, I found 6.6.2046 want to access a strange url like "http:/xxxx/eset_upd/ep6/dll/update.ver". previous versions the url is "http:/xxxx/eset_upd/ep6/update.ver" which is matching the mirror tool directory structure. but the new version want a "dll" directory. I try latest mirror tool but it still doesn't create "d
  11. thanks for the news. we want MariaDB too. it is now the standard of linux world
  12. hi: by reboot I mean reboot the server. actually the situation of ERA 6.4 is good enough for me. I just need to clear the browser cache sometimes and things can go on. I don't need to do anything at server side. I always use firefox, so I don't know if other browser will met this situation.
  13. hi: reboot the server and login asap will delay, so it seems not midnight problem. clear browser cache fix my second problem immediately. reboot the pc or server is useless. I have met the situation several times. the server loading is idle when I can not login. but I don't know how to reproduce it.
  14. hi: when I test ERA 6.2 & 6.3, the web console is unstable, sometimes it can not login, sometimes it dies and need to restart tomcat. ERA 6.4 is much stable, I don't need to restart tomcat anymore. but I still notice 2 issues: 1. if try to connect ERA when ERA server is booting, it will wait for very long time (like 10 minutes) to show the login screen. it seems like ERA is unhappy to be interrupted when starting. 2. sometimes I can not access the login screen. reboot the computer or reboot the ERA server won't help. clear the browser cache helps. I am using firefox und
  15. Hi: I have found other ways to solve my problem. but I would like to report: 1. client task trigger with throttling is very buggy. many items can not be saved. but I think these are known bugs, since the client task component is full of bugs, maybe they will be fixed all together. 2. policy apply and client task are racing when computer joins a group, cause unstable result. maybe Eset can add a dynamic group filter rule like "client policy already applied". so client task can decide if it would like to run before or after the policy applied.
  16. hi: my ERA/web console version is the same as yours. but OS is rhel 7.2 with MySQL 5.6. the progress field is fine. have you tried reboot ERA server? by the way, can MySQL 5.7 use with ERA 6.4 now? I remember in ERA 6.3, Eset said only MySQL 5.6 will work correctly.
  17. hi: thanks for the clarify! it's much clear for me now. wait for second response...
  18. hi: I think this maybe a known ERA 6.4 bug. after I create a schedule trigger on dynamic group for client task, if I try to modify the trigger again, even without changing anything but only press "finish". strange error appear like screenshot.
  19. Hi: I am confusion about the status of seat ID. I found generally client with offline license has no Seat ID. but I found situation below: 1. client with offline license has seat ID. 2. client with online license has no seat ID. (ghost license) 3. client shows no seat ID, but ERA shows client has seat ID. and I don't know where to check client seat ID at ERA. I can only use Dynamic group to category client with seat ID regex filter(so I know ERA's view about client seat ID). Am I miss something? thanks a lot for help!!
  20. hi: thanks for the suggestion. I didn't see "There is no product supporting given task" error now. but the task still sometimes failed. after testing I realized the reason is I have different policy (include proxy settings) and different client task for different groups. and when computer shows on the group, the policy apply and client task are racing. many times the client task will run before policy apply, and it failed because proxy setting is not there yet. since I can not tune the order of policy apply and client task running, I try to delay client task. but no matter
  21. I don't know if my system is up to date. my version is: Configuration module1277.15 (20160721) but the situation is the same. in the "request configuration" I can not see the missing part.
  22. I have tried 6.2,6,3, now 6.4. I think I will try to put 6.4 to production, although I still can not get everything right. I hope I will be a happy customer of ERA 6.5
  23. hi: the strange situation of "Email Client protection disabled" went away after I reboot the ERA server. so I may trigger hidden bugs when I configure the ERA server, or maybe ERA component daily update without reboot cause it. I am lucky that reboot solve the problem. but I still don't understand the inconsistency of configuration UI between ERA and endpoint client. is this a bug or feature?
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