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  1. hi: the task is triggered by join dynamic group. the dynamic group template rule is endpoint product installed or unactivated. so I don't know why the task is triggered but it said does not have supported product. if I re-run the task manually again, it will success.
  2. hi: sometimes I got activation error via client task. error message below: There is no product supporting given task. No module is subscribed for message ProductActivation (43) it seems some kind of racing. but I don't know what is racing. the client task is trigger by endpoint 6 installed or unactivated.
  3. hi: Can I schedule re-rerun failed client tasks? I found sometimes the product activation client task failed with unknown reason. if possible I want to re-run the task automatically. thanks for help!!
  4. hi: thanks for the guide. but it didn't mention "password=xxxx". I want to know if there is a parameter so I can assign license file. or can I assign configuration xml like v5? I think it is possible since ERA can create a single exe file for these. but I don't know the hidden parameters.. thanks again for your help!!
  5. thanks for the suggestion!! sounds reasonable with web protocol. how about the usage with Email scanning?
  6. Hi: we have always disable email related functions(they cause troble) since endpoint AntiVirus V4 and V5. endpoint AntiVirus V6 add web protocol scanning. I have tried to test it at my PC, and it gave me headache once.(although automatically cured by patten update few days later). I wonder if files-system level blocking is enough for virus, especially ransomware? or I need email/web protocol support? thanks a lot for help!!
  7. hi: I wonder if there is package installation parameter document for V6? I remember there is document for V5. I found some agent install parameter via ERA-generated agent install script, but I can not found these for endpoint packages. today I want to uninstall endpoint via ERA client task. but it failed because the task didn't pass correct uninstall password to client.(smell like a bug?) I try to add V5 parameter "password=XXXX" to the task and it do the job successful! since I always use windows login script to install software. it will be great help it I can under
  8. hi: I have problems with endpoint settings, so I request client configuration from ERA. but the configuration opened at ERA is missing the "Email clients" part at "Email client protection" section. screenshot shows the difference. and my real problem is, when the client software installed and get policy from ERA server for the first time, some settings for the "Email clients" will be disabled (as I red marked at first screenshot). I am sure I don't have that policy in ERA server. and the disabled settings can be reset at client side, so it is not a ERA policy. but I really don't k
  9. hi: is there any place I can check known issues? it will be great help to prevent wasting time for debugging.
  10. hi: I don't know if the forum is the correct place to report bug. if this is not the correct place, please guide me to other place. the environment is ERA 6.4 current version. when I want to remove a group from client task target, if I select the group and click "remove targets", then ERA ask me if I want to remove the group. nothing happened after these. but if I choose "add groups", then I can remove groups in the "add groups" UI successfully. the problem UI as screenshot.
  11. hi: that's great. thank again for your kindly help!!
  12. hi: sorry I just found I can request configuration via client task in computer detailed view.
  13. Hi: when I upgrade endpoint version 5 to version 6, I found some old settings inherited by version 6. but I don't want to enforce every settings in ERA6 policy, is there a good way to check current user settings? can I check it at ERA6 server or I need to access user's desktop? thanks for help!!
  14. hi: as I said, I use the same client task to switch license. create new client task will be fine. but modify or duplicate old client task will be failed. "replacing offline license with online license with the same public ID may not work correctly". the fact is actually: "replacing offline license with online license will not work, even with different public ID". hope that can be fixed, or at least note it in document. I spent a week for this problem.
  15. hi: in my first post, I had try to activate 3 kind of license locally without ERA. all success. the ERA and endpoint are both the newest 6.4 version. (but ERA is upgraded from 6.3. endpoint is fresh install) I don't know what real license ERA and ELA used. the client task sql entry of ERA is binary blob. and of course I can not access internal database of ELA. I can compare the license at local endpoint. I found it will put a license copy at C:\ProgramData\ESET\ESET Endpoint Antivirus\License so I know I am using online or offline license.
  16. Hi: after testing, I found the problem is ERA 6.4 client task for product activation. (I don't know the situation of previous version). if I create a client task for product activation, then assign license below: 1. assign an online license -> client activated successful with correct license. 2. re-assign another online license -> client activated successful with correct license. 3. re-assign an offline license -> client activated successful with correct offline license. 4. re-assign online license at step 1 -> client activated successful, but it use offl
  17. hi: I think I understand the license design. but my issue is: 1. I add online license to ERA 6.4 to activate client, but ELA said I am using offline license. 2. I am using a strange ghost license now(via online license client activated task directly apply to my pc). my PC is activated and connect to internet, but ELA count me neither online nor offline.(ELA didn't notice me at all) 3. how can I check my pc is using online or offline license? I have another different license to test, but I am afraid if I apply it, it will break my ghost license state. I think you guys also d
  18. hi: I am testing era 6.4 and try to make it production. but when applying license via ERA, I met very strange problems. I have create an offline license and use it for mirror tool, it works fine. I also use offline license with ERA and try to activate my pc to emulate non-internet environment, it works fine. finally I import the license to ERA and try to activate my pc to test normal environment, but when I login to ELA for checking, ELA shows red warning and said I am using offline license. I delete all the offline license at ELA. I delete all the licenses at ERA server and imp
  19. hi: if need to wait 6 hours for deactivation, then I still need to use uninstall/reboot/reinstall for testing. can I delete something in my computer so the license is deactivated? I thought license management is easy, so I didn't focus it when testing, but now I am really confused about the behavior. I will create another thread since it is not related to dynamic group creating. thanks again for your kindly help!!
  20. hi: I had try "deactivate products". but the software installed in unaffected. I think that only deactivate license at server, not at client?
  21. hi: yes I am stupid. I had already create the dynamic groups for activation. but somehow I met some strange behavior, the client always activated with wrong license. I am still trying to figure out what happened. how can I deactivate the software? I now uninstall/reboot/resinstall the software for testing license, hope there is a quick way for testing...
  22. hi: we have two licenses and need to apply to different computers. any good way to activate products via groups? currently the design is to activate product automatically when computer fall into "unactivated" dynamic group. I want to find a way to automatically activated the computers with two different licenses. and I need to define different policies for different computer groups.
  23. hi: I can create dynamic group and apply policy based on AD group under Version 5. but I don't know how to do this in version 6. under version 6 I can only create static group based on AD group. is there trick I am missing? thanks a lot for help!!
  24. thanks for the quick reply! will reserve the time for testing new version.
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