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  1. hi: I am new to ERA6 and begin to try. I will install ERA6 server and console at linux server. after reading the document, it seems I don't need to install agent at linux server. the document said that "proxy/RD sensor/MDM/client PC" need agent. but the install manual seems install agent at ERA server. so I want to make sure, is it necessary to install agent at ERA server? if it is necessary, what's the purpose for the agent? thanks a lot for confirm. Regards, tbsky
  2. Hi Marcos: thanks a lot for your confirm. I will PM you the log Monday. since I can not access the computer in the weekend. hope we can fix the problem. thanks a again for your kindly help!! Regards, tbsky
  3. hi Macros: I didn't know eset can produce install log. after google, I found this: hxxp://kb.eset.com/esetkb/index?page=content&id=SOLN406&_ref=zap is that the correct step to produce the log you want? thanks a lot for your kindly help!! Regards, tbsky
  4. hi: we have many old winxp PC, and eset endpoint antivirus 5.0 can not install on some of them. the installer just revert at final stage. we ask the eset helpdesk, they told us 5.0 is not fully compatible with winxp. they know some winxp can not install 5.0, but they don't know why. and the helpdesk suggest we use 4.x for winxp machines. but it is bad for us to maintain both 5.x and 4.x. if possible, I want to install 5.x at all the machines. are there any hidden parameters for 5.0 to install at winxp? we use the hidden parameter "ignore_conflicts=1" at win7 and it works grea
  5. hi: yes that's what I mean. you don't need to do that at version 4. I ask many times finally someone from Eset told me you need to set that parameter at version 5. it spend me many hours to solve the problem..
  6. hi: what I mean silent mode is respect the name of xml file. the wording in the UI should be something like "only show notifications that need action from users" under Alerts and Notifications. as I said, the whole options can not be set under "Alerts and Notifications". after many efforts, I finally understand the tricky part of these options. unlike version 4, version 5 need setup one more place to setup these options. I don't know how to spell the un-document option, since I had already removed the English version of remote administration. if you know how to spell the
  7. hi Arkasi: thanks a lot for your information. I will try to contact customer care directly to seek better support
  8. may I ask what is the official way to contact Customer care?
  9. hi: current version is 5.0.2229.1. and I want to download 5.0.2228.0 to try. but I can not find that. I can only find lastest version of version 3 or version 4 or verison 5 at the console.
  10. hi: I find it seems all options under "Alerts and Notifications" can not be controlled. it can not be controlled via remote administration, can not be controlled via admincfg=xxx.xml at install time. it can only be set by importing xml at client side, or modify by mouse clicking from user. hope this is a known issue and fixed soon! by the way, where can I download previous un-broken version? thanks a lot for your help!! Regards, tbsky
  11. hi: I am using remote administrator to manage endpoint antivirus 5.0.2229.1. I want to setup "SilentMode" for my clients, which the entry in the xml config file is <NODE NAME="SilentMode" VALUE="1" TYPE="DWORD" /> I set up this in the remote administrator server and try to push it to client via policy or configuration work, but none is working. is this a known issue? by the way, I want to download previous version 5.0.2228.0 to give it a try. but I can not find any link to download previous version. where can I download previous versions in case th
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