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  1. Description: add read file option to available HIPS target files operations Detail: right now HIPS allows to control delete file and write to file operations. It would be great to have an option to control read file also. Some malware might not try to encrypt or destroy data. Sometimes stealing it might be even more dangerous.
  2. I like new GUI. It looks minimal and polished SSL checking is ON by default and ESET's certificate is installed in Trusted root CA... I reported one minor bug when creating HIPS rules. Good job ESET.
  3. Today I got an email about new beta version coming out in a few days. Anybody got something similar or is this phishing atempt?
  4. Thank you rugk. I totally missed that Startup scan section in Advanced settings.
  5. Hello to all! I have few questions about Automatic startup file check (default scheduled tasks performed after user logon and successful update). How does ESET handle any threats that it finds during this scans? Does it ask user what to do or does it automatically remove (quarantine) them? Can the behavior be configured? If yes, where? Thnx for your help.
  6. You can also try to disable UAC for a while and see if you can change settings.
  7. This might be a problem with ESET's HIPS. Try disabling it and see if that helps.
  8. Which version do you have installed? And which OS do you use?
  9. Which version do you have installed? I have had the same problem in older version before they fixed it. The problem was that ESET showed warnings in new Windows 8 notifications, which I have disabled. Update to latest version solved my problem.
  10. If people don't want to check about new releases on website they can use RSS to get info about new releases. Here are some feeds: hxxp://www.eset.com/us/rss/ You can subscribe to support news channel and get the info...
  11. AFAIK it protects all browsers. It scans all http traffic and it doesn't need any special integration.
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