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  1. BETA should work fine until 31 October i believe ? * I have my license info already registered in the BETA i'm using Internet Security which was released in July. Anticipating final now before end of month * not sure important but i always put license info in as still using ESET regardless.
  2. Before end of month is all we have been given As always ESET release times are slightly strange.
  3. Peter. Thanks for your response. As i say Beta has been running very smooth here. A few weeks longer for the final will not be an issue I'm sure
  4. BETA runs fine so I am prepared to wait. Not sure for how long tho' Eset's release strategy sure is odd
  5. @timse201 Appreciate the additional info. Thanks
  6. Hi Aaron. I take it you are in UK like me ? This happened to me i noted too, luckliy my spam filters worked. My disposable email address was only given to ESET UK, maybe their mail servers have been compromised ? Could be worth dropping them a line if you get no reponse here.
  7. Prepared to wait here for a final release but seems very odd practice considering beta has been out for an age (In English)
  8. Thanks. I have now also created blockrule, and will monitor possible conflicts.
  9. @lawren For video or movie ratings i'd suggest you use a site such as IMDB. ESET is there to protect you only
  10. EAM will happily co-exist with ESS if you so choose, I used this combination quite recently, but did not see any real benefit in doing so. Curious to know why also
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