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  1. It would be great to be able to block by country code, or number prefix. Perhaps something like +44* I do not expect anyone to call me from there and the only that do are scammers.
  2. Thats unfortunate to hear. Wouldn't it only effect performance if it were matching a lot of read rules? If so that would mostly be the users fault for just straight up setting it on everything. Perhaps a open rather than a read rule would be better performant? Folder encryption is a bit meh, my file vault and ssh keys are encrypted anyway. Won't stop a keylogger that i don't know is there, while something attempting to access my files and me getting a notification for it would be a clear giveaway that something is amiss, even on top of encryption.
  3. Add READ/OPEN file operation to HIPS rules. I am far more concerned about something reading my files than writing them. Backups are there to handle writing problems, but reading well thats where all my secrets are! I saw this and was excited i could finally have this, (back when i was on linux i coded my own solution using fanotify but its a bit more annoying with windows and filesystem filter drivers or w/e) and was then sadly dissapointed. I would just like a way to intercept file open / read events and approve them on a per case basis on certain files, like say my password vault, ssh keys and whatnot.
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