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  1. Thanks Afevis, I was able to find 7, I unistalled and reinstalled 8 this morning, then renamed the sys file, this disabled HIPS, this resolved the issue, it wasn't UAC but HIPS, thanks. I know this isn't a resolution but a workaround, but it will work until a resolution can be found, I remember this was an issue with ver 5 or 6 and ESET pushed a fix down the road. Anyway, after disabling HIPS I renamed the sys file back with the proper extension (not sure if that was necessary or not), but it is working without HIPS activated. Thanks again, I missed a deadline, but I was able to work around it with another computer. I was frustrated not because of you, but because I am an IT Tech and if I can't figure it out myself, I get frustrated with myself. Thanks again.
  2. Not UAC, ver.8 is just buggy. Installed ver. 7 it worked fine, let eset upgrade to 8 problems all over again. Ver.8 is just not compatible with Win 8.1.
  3. Again, this is impossible as I cannot make any changes without this freezing my computer.
  4. ESET will freeze when I try to change settings. I received a message stating that the Spooler service had changed when I was printing and, I told it to continue, I then received the UAC prompt, I chose OK, ESET froze, and I couldn't print, I rebooted multiple times, no go, I missed a deadline because of this software (ver.8) which is not compatible with Win 8.1. I did a full uninstall using the uninstall tool in safe mode, came back up, reinstalled, still freezes, I can now print, but once Windows Updates pushes a new update next month, my computer will become useless. I am now set to automatic updates for the eset firewall, I tried to change this, but eset will freeze again, and need to reboot, I can make not make settings changes without eset freezing. Is there a way to download ver.7 which is stable, or is there a fix? Thank you.
  5. I recently purchased a Multi Device license, and I installed Mobile Security via the Play Store. I was able to register for the Premium version OK, is there going to be an issue down the road, as I just read in the FAQ that I cannot use the Play Store? Via the FAQ page: I have a Multi-Device Security license—can I install ESET Mobile Security from Amazon.com or Google Play? No. Users with Multi-Device Security license can only activate and install ESET Mobile Security for Android from ESET.com. Thank you.
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