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  1. It appears ESET have added new Windows update prerequisets https://help.eset.com/eis/13/en-US/outdated_os.html?status=&product=eis&version= The details of that page varying depending on what Windows updates have been applied
  2. What versions of firefox? I suspect the current firefox is corrupting keyboard / mouse input on one of my computers also. Started after upgrading firefox to the current version. But perhaps I will need to run Firefox is safe mode and do hardware testing prior to jumping to conclusions.
  3. The same is happening for me running Windows 2 professional 64 bit ESET Internet security v English (not sure how to tell if it is 64 or 32 bit) Edit: Although https://support.eset.com/en/which-eset-product-do-i-have-and-is-it-the-latest-version-home-users Says the latest version is
  4. The forum software defaults to quoting a selected post and all of the included post quotes. When selective deleting unnecessary text, it is easy to break the message structure (very annoying before I found the message undo vs browser go back). The combined effect is to encourages large quotes. Modifying the forum software quoting, so only the new text is included by default would minimise large quotes. For cases where the earlier quoted text is actually needed, users could still use the multi quote function.
  5. Description: Generic System rescue disk functionality Detail: The current implementation of the Rescue disk requires the user to download and install Microsoft Windows Assessment and Deployment Kit (1.7GB), then build a rescue USB/CD/DVD. The boot image is specific to Computer, ESET licence and ESET software version, Windows version / patch level. For the user to maintain this infection backup protection, this process needs to be repeated for every computer they have and redone every time ESET brings out a new version, Microsoft does a singnificant upgrade or their ESET licence is renewed. That is a lot of ongoing work to have tool we all hope to not need. It would be far better if: The system rescue disk image ran on a wide range of computers, so users with mulitiple computers only need one rescue disk. A bootable image was directly downloadable from ESET so users who omitted to create a rescue disk before they suspected infection could still boot from a safe image and scan their computer (current licence to download current image would be reasonable).
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