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  1. I have requested from sticky password. which have given me an .xpi file. Now everything works. Thanks to all
  2. in the application sticky password you can determine which browser you want to use. Then the addon will automatically be downloaded via this browser. just tried, in Chrome it works, only firefox prevents the download So it does not seem to lie to eset, but to firefox
  3. Hello Patch sorry, this addon is not available as a download file. I believe Eset might be the problem. Actually there should be in Eset a possibility, this exe into a kind of exception list to enter? Hello cyberhash, stickypassword I've been using for years - even with firefox. So far it has always worked. Now there was an update, since then I get the addon not me
  4. Good Morning, would be great if someone could help me. Best regards
  5. How can I add an addon / a downloadaddress in eset smart security for firefox to the exception list. I want to download an addon, but this does not work. the add on can not be downloaded due to a connection error. Thanks in advance. Best regards Andreas
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