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  1. I'm a little confused on how this new feature works. I set everything to 'reporting aggressive'. With default settings everywhere else, will I receive a pop up (that allows me to deny) if something such as malware, etc. triggers this aggressive setting?
  2. Description: UI Overhaul to consolidate settings and make them easier to access Detail: Settings in the newer ESET versions are more difficult to find. Previous versions of ESET (I believe around ESET 8 and under) were simpler to navigate. Thanks for your time
  3. Description: Default Deny Detail: Auto block applications that are not on a white-list determined by ESET.
  4. Not sure if this was mentioned: Rollback/journal feature similar to Webroot Secure Anywhere. How it works: -Unknown file is detected > File gets journaled after install > if file is found bad at a later date, all changes the file made are reverted back and file is deleted/quarantined OR if file is found good, it is removed from journaling and added to good list.
  5. Deny where? It appears only in interactive mode of firewall and HIPS but selecting Deny automatically would not only render interactive mode useless but would also cause too many troubles if every action/communication was denied without asking the user. I am reffering to the antivirus part of ESET. All files will be checked against a whitelist (maybe through Live Grid). If the file is unknown, not certified...whatever, then the file is blocked.
  6. Description: Default Deny Detail: Incorporate a default deny for people wanting rock hard protection. (EX: Kaspersky Trusted Application Mode and Avast Hardened Mode Aggressive).
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