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  1. I used the advanced mode, and the simple mode at the time the problem occurred. Neither one worked. I don't know if the problem occurs with V7. I don't have time to roll my machine back, or uninstall V8 at the present time.
  2. Just a little heads up for anyone using Ghostery plugin for Firefox. I was not able to attach my screen shot with it enabled. Ghostery only reported blocking Google Analytics each time I clicked on the attachment option, but it never would give me the option to attach the screen shot. I then paused Ghostery blocking, and then I was able to attach the screen shot with no problem. It's strange that Ghostery only reported blocking Google Analytics when trying to attach my screen shot. I don't see how that would prevent one from attaching a screenshot to their post.
  3. Eset Smart Security performs 2 scans at the same time. I clicked on custom scan, and selected to scan everything under C drive including operating memory, and boot sector. After I already ticked to scan everything for C drive I saw that the scan profile said Smart Scan so I did not perform the scan. I wanted to configure the profile for an In-depth scan, and not a Smart Scan. I then clicked on the drop down menu under profiles to see what other scan profiles were available. I then selected the In-depth scan, and ticked to scan everything under C drive again for the In-depth scan profile. I the
  4. It's been hard for me to keep up to date with everything recently due my migraines. The computer screen has been triggering them everytime lately, I have been really sensitive to light. I tried logging in a few days ago just to touch base, but I kept getting an error message each time I tried to login so it just wasn't meant to be.
  5. FWIW, It now seems that the DNS leak is Not caused by the ESS V8 Beta: https://www.wilderssecurity.com/threads/hitmanpro-alert-support-and-discussion-thread.324841/page-90#post-2406835 Yes, thank you! Hitman Pro Alert does cause my DNS to leak. I just haven't had a chance to check to make sure ESS beta 8 does not do the same. I would say it was only HMPA though. I hope the surfright, and Boleh developers can work out the conflict they are having with their products. I think it's best to report bugs by support email, and the forum thread since Eset is not responding to many of the post her
  6. Hey cutting_edgetech Like MBAE:https://www.wilderssecurity.com/threads/malwarebytes-anti-exploit.354641/page-40#post-2405280..... .....The ESET Exploit Blocker is/was patent-pending too, and MBAE and competing apps don't give out too much details about how their product actually work as the bad guys can take benefit from it as well, so i'm not sure how much details ESET is prepared to share. We know that it is an extension of the HIPS...but how it works exactly in detail I don't think its safe to share that, depending on what type of details we're talking about of course. I gues
  7. If I set the filtering to not specified then it says filtering is off. It that expected behavior? I want ESS to log traffic continuously without specifying a time period.
  8. I think I figured out what settings I need to use for my logging needs. The logging options just seem to be a little confusing to me. I'm trying to think of better language to use in the options.
  9. My DNS always leaks with Eset Smart Security 8 beta when using Boleh VPN. It never did leak when using Online Armor with Boleh VPN. Boleh VPN client uses OpenVPN protocols. What do you need to trouble shoot this problem? I already tried using learning mode so ESS would properly configure the Firewall for Boleh VPN Client. That did not work. My DNS still leaked after connecting to a Boleh route. I also tried interactive mode, and that failed to resolve the issue as well. The firewall log is blank in the UI. Where are the logs you will need? Its really late here so I will check back in the morn
  10. I'm going to have to look into Eset's exploit blocker more. The link above leads me to believe that Eset's exploit blocker is a behavior blocker with HIPS to assist when needed. Here is a one sentence description they have of it, :it monitors the behavior of processes and looks out for suspicious activities that are typical for exploits". I want to make recommendations for the exploit blocking feature used by Eset, but I would need more detailed information about how it works. Does it also use similar methods to that of EMET, Hitman Pro Alert 3, or Malwarebytes AE?
  11. Yes, I was referring the exploit blocker. I have it disabled in NOD 32 since it is part of the HIPS. I was afraid it would interfere with Online Armor HIPS. Exploit blocker does not show in the settings anymore after disabling it so I couldn't remember what it was called. Thank You.
  12. I did not know Eset Smart Security's exploit shield was protecting other vulnerable applications since I use Online Armor, and NOD 32 except for this beta build of Eset Smart Security 8. I'm thinking about switching to Eset Smart Security though on all my machines due to Emsisoft's complete lack of development of Online Armor. The only products they care about anymore are EAM, and EIS. They don't even respond to bug reports for OA anymore, and have not since about the beginning of the year. I was informed by Emsisoft that the development tools that were used to code OA with were outdated so it
  13. Is ESS exploit shield only going to monitor java for exploits? You should also monitor Adobe reader, and Adobe flash by default. Maybe you could even give an option for the user to add additional applications to be monitored for exploits.
  14. I have ESS (Eset Smart Security) firewall in interactive mode, and each time I allow an application internet request UAC prompts me asking if I want to allow that action. What is ESS doing when allow an application internet request that needs permission from UAC? I had a minor issue with the firewall prompt. When I expanded the firewall prompt for more detail the bottom edge of the prompt was cut off. I had to drag the prompt to a higher position on the screen in order to access the hide advanced options button. I only had to do this once since the prompt appeared in the position I dragged
  15. I'm joining the party a little late, but I guess it's best to be a little late than never. I have only read a few post, but I saw some discusion about the GUI. I'm glad Eset does not feel they have to change the GUI with each new product release. It's just a silly waste of time unless it's to facilitate the addition of a new feature. I don't think there is anything wrong with V7 GUI so I think it's best Eset uses their time to actually improve how their products perform instead of being worried about eye candy. Also making changes to the GUI risk introducing unnecssary new bugs. Eset please u
  16. Why am I getting this message from NOD 32 when it attempts to update it's virus signature? The Virus Signature update file has not been digitally signed! Do you wish to apply this update anyway? Do you want to use this update anyway? It happened with database 9957.
  17. Where the two Firewall bugs listed as fixed in this build the same bugs that were reported by AV-Comparitives in regards to their recent Firewall Test?
  18. Marcos said this bug has been fixed in the latest release. I do not see any mention of it being fixed in the change log. If it has been fixed it should be added to the change log.
  19. If I right click on the NOD 32 tray icon, and choose Temporarily disable protecfion then if the Antiphishing protection is enabled it will become disabled as expected. When I reenable NOD 32's protection by right clicking on the tray icon again then the Antiphishing protection stays disabled instead of returning to it's previous state of being enabled. The Antiphishing protection was enabled before I temporarily disabled NOD 32 protection so I think it should return to it's previous state of being enabled. Please fix this. I'm using Windows 7X64 Ultimate SP1. I'm using NOD 32 AV only build 7.
  20. No problem they'll sort it. FYI yesterday I tried to send a PM but I got a "service unavailable" message after 30sec or so, but I tried again and again..... And when it finally worked I could see that I had sent no less than 10 PM's without knowing about. I'm glad i'm not the only one seeing these strange behaviors on the forum. I was afraid they would start to think I don't know what I am doing. I've been copying, and saving my post to notepad before submitting them. It has not helped much though because when the last few sentences of my post are missing it will not accept the res
  21. Ok, that's what I thought Marcos. I just wanted to make sure. Thanks to everyone for responding to my question!
  22. I need the moderators to delete the first 2 duplicate post I made. I assure you that i'm not try to spam the forum. Each time I attempted to make this post I got a message stating, " this service is not available; try back later". It appears the forum still has more bugs to work out.
  23. Is Self Defense, Advanced Memory Scanner, and Exploit Blocker only available if HIPS is enabled? Those options are enabled on my Laptop which I have HIPS enabled on, but those options are not even visible on my Desktop. I do not have HIPS enabled on my Desktop. Should those 3 options still be available to enable with HIPS disabled? The options missing from my Desktop are inside the red box in the screenshot below.
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