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  1. I have gotten an error message that NOD 32 has failed to communicate with the kernel 3 time in the past week. I had to roll my computer back all 3 times it happened. After I received the error message NOD 32 would no longer function. It crashed over, and over again. I tried to uninstall NOD 32, but the uninstall failed each time. I want to open a support request, and send them my Sysinspector Log. Is this the correct support link? https://www.eset.com/us/support/contact/
  2. I'm not sure I know how to create a rule for Smart Mode. I will have to take a look at it. Yes, policy mode needs cloud white listing used with it like some other HIPS do to make it usable. Eset should really considering giving the option to use whitelisting with interactive mode. They could also give the option to allow by signed certificate to further cut down on prompts. I tried policy based mode, but for some reason ESS kept blocking my other security applications during boot time. I ran ESS in learning mode when booting, but it continued to block AppGuard, and Malwarebytes-AntiExploit fro
  3. Is there a mode that will prompt me for an action for anything not learned during learning mode without automatically blocking it?
  4. If I run my computer for a while in learning mode for the HIPS then which mode should I switch to after I'm done using learning mode? I think it should have learned my computer pretty well during the time I used learning mode. I made sure to run all my software, and perform all the task I normally do on my computer. I tried interactive mode, but it prompted me so much I could not even use my computer. Should I switch to policy based mode instead? What I want to do is allow all the actions that were learned during the period I used learning mode, and prompt me for the rest.
  5. I will try editing the rule for Type Acents to see if it logs it's blocked outbound request. That still does not fully answer my question as to why it is not logging anything in the Firewall log. Is there something else that needs to be enabled so the logging will work? It is not logging anything in the firewall log at all. I ran PC flanks leak test hoping it would log something, but it failed the test. Is ESS default rule set so lenient that its not blocking anything to log? Online Armor logged many ICMP destination unreachable request on my machines. What action does ESS take with ICMP desti
  6. I didn't try enabling log all blocked connections, and log blocked incoming worm attacks until now. I didn't have them ticked before, and ESS did not log anything then. After ticking those 2 boxes ESET at least logged something in the firewall log. Before it logged nothing.
  7. I just found the following buried in the settings. Log all blocked connections, and log blocked incoming worm attacks. I ticked both of them. Does log all blocked connections have to be ticked before ESS firewall log will work at all? It has not been logging anything.
  8. Eset Smart Security is not logging anything in it's firewall log, but it should at least be logging blocked events from type accents. I created a rule for outbound traffic from type accents. Type accents is constantly requesting outbound access so I chose block, and remember action. ESS should at least be logging blocked outbound request from type accents, but it is logging nothing at all. I had Online Armor installed before, and it logged many blocked request from type accents in it's log file. Does something have to be done to enable logging?
  9. If this is intended behavior then I would like to make a recommendation. My logic is that NOD 32 should still be able to detect when a scan is in progress, and not begin another scan at the same time regardless if it's ticked in the settings. It could at least wait until the current scan is done. It just seems silly to me. I think this is something that could easily be remedied. No one wants to run 2 scans at the same time, and scan the same files. Just some food for thought.
  10. Eset performed 2 scans at the same time. I reported this during the beta test period, but nothing was done about it. I think maybe I see why Eset is performing two scans at the same time now. During the installation I left perform scan after installation ticked. After the installation completed Eset did not begin a scan right away. I actually rebooted 2 additional times after the installation had completed. I then decided to do a custom scan of my entire C drive since Eset had not began it's scan yet. I left the scan running, and about 20 minutes later when I came back NOD 32 was conducting 2
  11. Will an Eset Smart Security License work with NOD 32? I would like to use NOD 32 a while to see if there is any difference in Web pages loading slowly, or failing to finish loading.
  12. That's not safe at all. If you exclude a browser from protocol filtering, access to websites with dangerous content won't be blocked, files downloaded via http/https won't be scanned and cloud block won't work either. Does disabling only web protection make the issue go away? What are the hardware specifications of your computer? Yes, disabling web protection fixed the problem. My hardware is the following: Intel Core i7 960 @ 3.20GHz, 8.00GB Dual-Channel DDR3 @ 534MHz, 2048MB ATI AMD Radeon HD 6900 Series (ATI), 300 GB Velociraptor 10,000 rpm. Windows 7X64 Ultimate. I'm going to use
  13. I have been using Kaspersky Security Suite for a a few days now, and my browsing speed has greatly increased. Pages load much faster, and I have not come across any web pages that fail to finish loading. Firefox still does occasionally freeze when switching between tabs so that particular problem seems to be a bug with Firefox. The slow loading of web pages, and failure of web pages to finish loading seems to have been caused by Eset Smart Security 8.
  14. There you are correct! No seriously... So you have two issues: Firefox is slowing down. Pre-release updates aren't worked. About 1. Can you narrow that down to specific websites? Does the slow down goes away if you add exclude Firefox from protocol filtering? Do you have SSL scanning enabled? About 2. At first, just as a confirmation: Normal stable updates are working fine? Clear your update cache like described here and try it again. If it is still not working create a Wireshark log during you are trying to update your VSD with re-released updates and sent it to a modera
  15. I'm not so sure about that. The problem I have been experiencing went away after disabling ESS AV protection. Maybe it was just coincidence. I should know soon. I'm going to roll my computer back to a time before installing ESS 8 tomorrow.
  16. I'm using Eset Smart Security 8 with Windows 7X64 Ultimate. I have been having a problem with Firefox Web Browser freezing for about a week now. If I have several tabs opens then the browser will freeze when trying to navigate between tabs. The browser usually begins to respond again after about 5 seconds, but sometimes it takes a little longer. Also, it takes forever for the content of some web pages to load. Facebook is the worse. When I open the Web developer component from within Firefox to see what is having trouble loading it is usually an image file, but I do not remember which type of
  17. Wow! This must be the shortest beta period for Eset ever, or maybe I just joined the party a little late.
  18. Do I download version 8 GA build from here? I had to do a google search to find this. hxxp://www.eset.com/int/download/beta-versions/
  19. Hey Cutting, I assume it's the large update that contains updates for the engine and modules that was released a while ago. Does the update come down if you click manually on the update button several times in a row? If that doesn't help, try clearing your update cache, and then try to update manually once again a couple times. FYI this is a quote from a KB article that was published when the update was released, the KB article no longer exists so I copied the text from one of my own posts. Thank You for the info. It seems to have updated on it's own now. I wonder if Ese
  20. What is the best email address to send bug reports to for beta products? I keep getting an error code when ESS 8 beta attempts to download the latest Virus signature database on my laptop. The update keeps failing. It's a very large update to be only a signature update, and I don't have pre-released updates enabled on this Laptop. I think it was around 40 mbs. It reports to be an undocumented serious error (0X1106). I have a sysinspector log, and screen shot to send Eset. I'm using Windows 7X64 with all the latest patches.
  21. Btw.. every time I click on post to make my post it takes about 10 seconds before it makes the post. I don't remember that happening with V7, but maybe the forum is just running a little slow right now. Edit: it just took over 20 seconds to make this post after clicking on the post button. That's pretty slow!
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