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  1. Where is the change log for the latest stable build of Eset Internet Security? I think the latest stable build is I'm not having any luck finding it. Thank You for you help! Mike
  2. I'm still waiting on a top notch behavior blocker, or a more usable HIPS like itman has also requested. I would like to see a behavior blocker that can be tuned to different levels of sensitivity. If Eset is worried about it causing false positives, especially in test like AV comparatives then just leave it disabled by default.
  3. I wonder how it came to be that Windows Firewall is even on. I suspect there is a bug in Eset Smart Security for not turning it off. I think maybe Window Firewall became enabled when I disabled Eset Firewall from the tray icon, and then reenabled Eset Firewall from the tray icon. When I turned Eset Firewall back on again I assume Eset should have turned Windows Firewall back off.
  4. I really wish Eset forum would warn the user when they are no longer logged in. Eset Forum still gives the user the option to make a post even when not logged in. Why give the user the option to make a post if it's only going to deny the post. I just lost my very lengthy post when submitting the post. It said I did not have permission to make the post, and I lost the entire post. Eset is the only forum I have ever used that does this. Please take this option away since it denies the post regardless, and the user loses their post. Well, I don't have time to retype my post. I will make a ver
  5. Thank you for the really fast response time to my post! I have been using Eset since 2004, and it has never taken 25-30 seconds for the tray icon/ splash screen to launch in the past. I don't believe egui.exe is launching as expected.
  6. egui.exe is taking a long time to load after the desktop loads with ESS 9. I never had this problem until shortly after upgrading from ESS 8. The Eset tray icon, and splash screen does not appear until after all my other tray icons have loaded. This is about 25-30 seconds after the desktop has loaded. I used autoruns to see where egui.exe was in the order of startup, but I don't see it listed. What can I do to make egui.exe launch more promptly? ekrn.exe service seems to be running before the desktop loads. Is Eset scanning startup items, and executions before egui.exe is running? Malware uses
  7. Should Window's Firewall be on with Eset Smart Security 9? I'm being prompted by Windows Firewall, and Eset's Firewall. I'm using Windows 7X64 Ultimate.
  8. I got the same JS/ScrInject.B Trojan warning on Fox News website. The issue has been resolved now though.
  9. hxxp://www.eset.com/int/about/technology/#advanced-memory-scanner "Advanced Memory Scanner complements Exploit Blocker, as it is also designed to strengthen protection against modern malware. In an effort to evade detection, malware writers extensively use file obfuscation and/or encryption. This causes problems with unpacking and can pose a challenge for common anti-malware techniques, such as emulation or heuristics. To tackle this problem, the Advanced Memory Scanner monitors the behavior of malicious processes and scans them once they decloaks in the memory. This allows for effective dete
  10. No, I am not thinking of Eset's HIPS. I see how Eset's HIPS aids in blocking exploits, but I was thinking of something more like Emsisoft's BB.
  11. Ok, thank you! I did not know where the wizard was. Yes, disabling Eset firewall works every time. I hope the wizard gives a clear reason why my traffic is being blocked. So far Eset Firewall has caused major usability problems with a site I use several hours each day. If I find it to be a bug at least now I can report the reason why Eset says it's being blocked.
  12. It would be nice to see Eset incorporate a Behavior Blocker into their products. If something slips through then the behavior blocker can help detect the malware when it executes. They could have the feature disabled by default if they are worried about it causing false positives when being tested by independent test organizations.
  13. Where is the Firewall trouble shooting wizard? I just upgraded to ESS 9, and it has the same bug as version 8. I have to get this fixed. I can't get my work done for it.
  14. eeclnt.exe (belongs to Eset Smart Security) causes UAC to prompt me every time an application request internet access. It is causing application errors, and internet access failure for my applications even if I choose allow from the UAC prompt. I rarely used UAC in the past, and I just started using Eset Firewall this year so I was not aware of this problem until now. I tried making eeclnt.exe run as an administrator under compatibility mode, but that did not work. How do I keep Eset Firewall from triggering UAC every time an application request internet access? I'm using Eset Smart Security 8
  15. I only received two prompts. I chose "No action" for each prompt. The download failed. I'm using Firefox 42.0.
  16. I will try enabling the logging in version 8 as you have suggested, and see if I can capure the blocked packets. I want be able to do this though until I find another flash card with an error. Do you think the fact the page is encrypted could have anything to do with it? I have to log into an encrypted account to use the flash cards. I'm using ESS version 8. Thank You for your help!
  17. Yes, the download is successful if I disabled real-time protection. The download is also successful if I disable detection of PUA's. The problem is if I choose to allow the PUA when prompted the download fails anyways. Stackz above tried to download the same file using the same link with PUA enabled, and his download failed also despite him choosing to allow it when prompted. A .part file was detected in the first prompt. Below are the two prompts I receive. I allowed them both, but the download always fails. I'm using the latest version of Firefox 32bit.
  18. Did you try to disable PUA detection and then attempt to download again? Then enable PUA detection after the download completes. Sometimes this doesn't work however if Eset's web filter is blocking the IP address. Another way to get around this is to download a zip file if they offer one. Eset won't detect the PUA until the file is unzipped and the installer executed. Yes, I tried disabling detection of PUA, and that worked. I was using this thread to report a bug with the detection of PUA's. If you the user choses to allow the download by prompt then the download still fails. I also
  19. I always use Interactive Mode, and normaly I create a rule for the application using the recommended settings by Eset. That's what I did with Firefox. I don't want to use Version 9 yet because I use Excel a lot, and there is a bug with Excel. I also experienced a memory leak with version 9. I'm pretty sure it was memory leak anyways. I had only been using Eset Smart Security 9 for about 2 hours, and the memory usage was around 300 mbs. I don't feel safe using version 9 yet in general. There has been a lot of bugs reported for it that are being fixed. I will wait for a big release fixing a lot
  20. Thank you for your feedback stackz! The more people that report problems the better chance Eset will realize there is actually a bug in their software. I believe a lot of bugs go unreported, and if they only see a few users reporting a problem they may think there's something else wrong with that user's machine.
  21. I use a several paid flashcard service to study foreign languages. I find errors in translations, and there is an option to submit error reports. If Eset Firewall is enabled then the error submission form fails. It either times out (fails), or takes almost 2 minutes before it says it's complete. In both cases the submssion fails even if it says it was successful due to the extremely long time it took to complete. If I disable Eset Firewall then all error submission reports will go through almost instantly. It is definitely Eset Firewall causing this. The website uses encryption. I dont' know i
  22. I tried downloading speccy from the pirfiform site using this url hxxp://www.piriform.com/speccy/download/standard, and it fails to download. Eset Smart Security warns me it contains potentially unsafe application which in this case is Google Toolbar. I chose to allow the download each of the 2 times it warned me, and the download failed anyway. I tried 3 times, and each time it failed. I then disabled Eset Smart Security protection from the taskbar icon, and the download completed immediately. I'm using Eset Smart Security 8.0.319.0. I'm not interested in upgrading to version 9 yet since a fe
  23. If I remember correctly the last time I tried ESS9 my memory was around 200 mbs when I checked it. I have a slow upload speed as well. I'm using ESS8 until they get some of the bugs worked out of ESS9. I will check the memory again though the next time I try testing V9.
  24. Please read this short thread https://forum.eset.com/topic/6413-excel-2016-slow-to-close-eset-9/ You probably need to downgrade to Eset Smart Security 8 until an update has been released.
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